home room

For home room, I sat next to a friend from elementary school, and we were in the corner with a bunch of kids that didn’t seem to be on the college track. For instance, I wanted to go to Harvard, and one of the kids said, “the UW is way better, Harvard doesn’t even have a football team”. And me, I sorta looked down on that, at the time. Someone told me college is great, is for those that want to do good in life, and thus, much like any person can look down on someone different, I did the same. Currently, I say that I will encourage my kids to get a valuable skill…such as plumbing. If one needs a plumber at 3 AM, one calls a plumber at 3AM and pays whatever price. Currently, they can’t outsource plumbing to another country. But knowing my luck, my kids will have to learn Chinese so they can do tech support for Beijing business people, because China will start outsourcing their jobs over here.

MyBetterHalf will be surprised to find, that one of my memories is showing up late, often.

One time, my friend, whom I shared a locker with, got a “special poster” that he put up in the locker. All the kids in our corner were anticipating how I would react. So, for a week I didn’t use the locker. And eventually that got bored of standing around the locker, waiting to see the surprise on my face. Then, one night after chess club, I sneaked back, opened the locker, and slammed it shut from embarrassment. Then, I opened it again. I was a poster of a naked woman…posing with a pair of skis that strategically cover up all the bits that needed to be covered so that the add could be in a ski magazine.

Well, luckily home room was only a few minutes a day, and I suspect, it did me good.

Maybe, after two years, I needed a change…which returns me to the field of school politics….


One Response to “home room”

  1. heathercim Says:

    I am shocked! Shocked! That you would ever be late anywhere.

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