friendly music

One day, at the end of the school day, Carl yelled out to me, “Hey tonight on KYYX, live Duran Duran concert!” I didn’t know who Duran Duran was, but his enthusiasm had me interested. So, I eventually found the radio station, and listened to the concert.  I was hooked. They were great.

At Church, at one point, Anthony, the preacher’s kid, introduced me to Dokken. And they were cool, which coincided with one of my first summer jobs, baby sitting, and lucky me, nap time coincided with Head-Banger’s Ball.

My best friend at Church was more interested in “new wave” top-forty stuff, and he and I would exchange tapes, King, Dead or Alive, Thompson Twins, …and that ilk. I was very excited to share with him new music I discoved when I hit High School, The Smiths, the Cure, Tones on Tails, Bauhaus.

Later, in college, I started to actually listen to my best-friend-from-HS music suggestions. His track record was good he got me to listen to TLC, and they have some really good songs. He invited me to see a friends band, at a tiny bar, President’s Of the USA, but I declined.

But probably my favorite music story is from K, who got the latest CD from a band he loved. Sat down on a Friday night, with no distractions, listened to it. Got up, put the CD back in the case. Threw it into the street. Got in his car and backed over it, twice, went back inside and wrote to the band, demanding a refund.


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