7th grade gym

it was…eh…  it is creepy that part of our grade was taking a shower after class. Do they still do that?

We played a variation of soccer, smaller fields, I was goalie, and evidently remembering my 4th grade goalie glory, I dove for the ball as it was crossing the goal line. I stopped it, the kids kept kicking. Luckily, they were much better aim than I, and I was unhurt, but the ball crossed the goal. The PE teacher was impressed by my attitude. However, it was just reaction. I didn’t think about. The next time something like that sorta happened, I thought about it, and I was way to slow on the diving, and I think the teacher realized I was faking my enthusiasm.

We did a bit on basketball, I remember getting called for a foul. Not understanding what I did wrong. Asking the referee/PE teacher…and was about to get a technical, or in trouble, and I quickly added, “No, really, what did I do wrong, I don’t want to do it again.” I did get a complement from one of the good kids, he said I was the only one on my team that played defense.

My impression of PE, is that they would gather us up, tell us to play a game/sport, and dock us if we didn’t know the rules. Pablo is right, they need a remedial PE.

One year, my viola buddy, Debbie was in my class. She was an athlete too, but she was gracious enough to humor me when we were playing volleyball. I remember laughing with her, giving hi-five and trading complements & silly insults during a match, and we were on opposite teams. I don’t think the teacher approved, but I was having fun.

And thus ended my PE.


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