The Girl Who Played with Fire

after two evenings, MyBetterHalf and I have just finished a movie.

Tonight, MrGrunty was very upset, and did not want to go to bed, luckily,  MyBetterHalf was able to sooth him, get him back in his bed, and by softly talking to him, whilst running her hand over his hair, got him to fall asleep.

Tonight, MrCuddles and I got to hang out a bit because his siblings were off playing with out him. My favorite part, he grabbed my hand, pulled me, “comb papa, danse!”

Tonight, MsSqueaky wanted a pink flosser, but we needed to use the other ones first. She was about to throw a fit, but I told her to close her eyes and try to guess what type of flosser I had. She looked at me like I was being silly. I was flossing her teeth, and asked, “does it taste like grass? … does it taste like broccoli?  It does! Well what color is broccoli? And what color is your flosser?”  She was happy to have guessed the color, but still thought her papa was being silly.

Today, we all went to Tacoma to visit my family. MrG remembered that grandma has blocks, and asked to play with them. They had lots of fruit and veggies for their lunch. (Whew, they didn’t demand chocolate.)

The movie, we watched in Swedish, was alright. I liked this one better than the first, because the subject matter was slightly less disgusting and depressing.


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