math class – Jr High

Pity the poor math teacher…so many, are so unqualified. It must be tough, getting a bunch of kids, most who dread their time in the math class, all of different levels of capability.

One of my first math classes, was taught by a home-ec teacher. And one day, when she was sick, the sub just wanted us to be quiet. So my stoner friend from orchestra and I played chess on a piece of paper, erasing the piece and redrawing it for each move.

Now, there was this weird teacher who had LOTS of school spirit, and who was even more enthusiastic about math. He would give out extra credit for reports, and toss JollyRancher-candies to the kids who finished a problem quickly. To this day, I can not stand Jolly Rancher. And with the extra credit, there was a Wall of Fame, and one of my classmates was on it, and quickly moving up the ranks, by spring term she earned more than anyone else ever, and she kept going.

As for if I belonged in the advanced classes, I’m still not sure, but I was invited to be on the math team. I certainly wasn’t the star, and possibly they just needed to fill out the team, but I hope that’s proof I wasn’t completely unqualified. I remember the teacher taking me home after a competion, and I remember wandering around Stadium High School, which is an amazing beautiful school, and still I wonder why I didn’t go there. (Oh yeah, maybe because their track was wrong size and shape!)

I gotta say, chess competition, way more interesting & intense than math competition.


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