today stories

quote of morning, from MrGrunty, “Papa, only I said goodbye to mommy at the window today.” Because the rest of us were still in bed, and MrG got up in the middle of the night to join us, but MsSqueaky was already in Mommy & Papa’s bed, so I asked MrG if he would like to sleep on the sofa. He did. And it’s better that way. When ever he’s in our bed I get kicked in the back, and whacked in the head.

I am happy that MsSqueaky & MrG both willingly went pee before they watched their show. I think they are catching on, no need to argue with papa, just go sit on the potty, and then you will get to watch Dora. Or Diego. Or Driver Dan. Dino Dan. We like the letter “D” in the morning.
MrCuddles slept in, and then needed to be held. Eventually, when he was further awake, he picked out his shirt, but when I put him down, and we took off his PJs, he ran away from me, turned, and gave me a cute smile.

The game of the morning, MsS (“mommy”) and MrG (“baby”) took a train (the sofa) to the pumpkin patch. Then it was baby’s birthday, so they had cake. (Cake was HUGE, because cake was their blankets spread out on the floor!!)  Srsly, I caught “baby” kneeling on the blanket, “eating” the “cake” saying, “mmmmm….cake….nom-nom-nom”.

I set timer, and announced to them “we need to be ready to go, or we don’t get M&Ms” and that got us moving quicker. I had to extend…so MsS would get M&M. She was making progress, but had organizational issues, and I just couldn’t be a hard-ass. But at some point, I suspect I will have to say, “you weren’t ready in time, you don’t get an M&M”.  Oh wait, I have done that a time or two.

At school, MrCuddles was OK with me leaving, because he was playing with a puzzle. He was sitting away from a friend, because soon after she said “hi Swkeek” and gave MsS a hug, she went and pushed MrCuddles down.

MrG & MsS  waved bye to me from the window, and waited for me to turn car around and wave from car.


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