six M&Ms

Today, at swim class, both MrGrunty & MsSqueaky refused to get into the pool. So, I resorted to bribing them, I offered six M&Ms if they got into the water. (The usual bribe is three M&Ms for getting into the car in a timely fashion.) That got MrG into the pool, and he had fun as he was assisted “floating” and later playing with an float tube. MsS did not get in. Yes, she screamed when her brother got six M&Ms.

At lunch we heard MsS say, “You did it Cuddles! Good job!” I went to go see, she had taught him how to climb up onto his crib, and stand on the bottom rail.

Tonight, MrCuddles said something to me, and it ended in “cars”. He went over to the neatly stacked cars, and I asked, “How many cars are there?” and then thought that was silly, he doesn’t know. But he started counting, pointing to each car, “one, two, one, two, one, two”.


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