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marching band

28 February, 2011

tonight, MsSqueaky wanted me to get out her drum, it was stuck in a toy box. And then she and MrGrunty were directing us, “papa you have this instrument…mommy you have this one…Cuddles you have this one”.  And then we marched around our house.

Oliver-kitty thought we were strange. And disrupting his nap.


27 February, 2011

This morning, I was lucky to listen to the beautiful sounds of dinosaurs chasing childrens. Cousin Mo was still here, and she and MsSqueaky, MrGrunty and MrCuddles took turns donning the dino-hand-puppet and running around the house yelling “RAWR”.

Today, MrG got a one of his mommy’s books, and went page by page, something like this, “Papa, if it four three, what it is?”  (“It’s forty three, MrG.”) “Papa, if it four four, what it is?”  …all the way up to page 100. Later, all  three boys were sitting on the sofa, reading our separate books, for two minutes. Until MrCuddles threw is book on the floor.

I’m glad to say, the toys MrCuddles got for his birthday, are very cool according to MsSqueaky & MrGrunty, and they’ve been testing them out constantly to make sure the toys are fitting for a two year old.

Before she left, Cousin Mo played cars with MsSqueaky. Yesterday she played with MrG, only they were using their feet, and laughing lots.

This afternoon, me and the boys played cars, “Ready. Set. Go.” and MrC learned to say “go” before pushing his car towards me.

MsSqueaky went to SnarkyKat’s baby shower with her mommy. I think she had fun.

After cars, I took the boys to go take care of the baby-dolls. I taught MrGrunty how to swaddle a  baby, and after he did that, he held the baby, sang lullaby, and rubbed his baby’s head. MrCuddles tossed his baby on the floor, to get it out of the swaddle, and then put a blanket on top of it, then he said “baby sleeping.”

Q of the day, from MrGrunty, “papa, why do red and blue make purple?”   I dunno.

…update…Tonight, MrCuddles did not want to have his mommy put on his pajammas, and ran to his papa, who was lounging on the sofa. He sat behind me, and laughed and made faces at his mommy. Then, MyBetterHalf said, “I gonna put Cuddles jammies on Grunty!” and swiped the PJs towards MrG. He laughed, and soon, MrG and MsS were running back and forth across the living room, dodging their mommy with the PFs. MrG had a silly run that was almost speed-walker, with sliding the foot back due to lack of traction. MsS was saying “tip-toe, tip-toe” as she got close, and then would run.

b-day party

26 February, 2011

Mr Cuddles, we had your birthday party at the Children’s Museum today. I think you had fun, because you were screaming when we finally left. I think you also ate the frosting and tops of four cupcakes. Naturally you fell asleep two minutes into our ride home, but the power nap was good for you. I tried to put you in your bed, you screamed. You directed me to “go!” to my room, while carrying you. And when I put you on our bed, you patted the bed beside you and said “Sleep”. So I laid down, and you got the giggles, very excited to be in mommy & papa’s bed. But you had no intention on taking a real nap.

Two of your cousins visited, and you loved playing with cousin Mo. In fact, you, her, and Ms Squeaky were playing “birthday-party” in your room, on top of a dozen blankets on the floor, and when I went to check on you, you pushed my legs, and told me to “go” and when I stepped out of the room, you closed the door in my face. I’m sure you were very happy to be able to kick someone out, much like your siblings kick you out.

Happy B-day Mr Cuddles

25 February, 2011

Two years ago, Mr Cuddles, known as “Dritte” back then, was born. (You can find the birth story part 1 and part 2)

My boy, you are still, very much a snuggler. Especially when you first wake up, you prefer to smoosh your face into a parents chest, and have us hold you for a few minutes while you wake up.

I am very excited about all the words you are learning, and the conversations that we are starting to have. We’ve recorded 50 words or phrases that you know, you probably know more, just the doctor will ask if you know 50, so you do, so we quit counting.

I appreciate how sometimes, in the morning when we are getting ready for school, and your brother and sister are freaking out because they don’t wanna go to school, that you will be the calm voice of reason.

I’m glad that you love our kitties, and you are very cute when you squat down to their level and try and rub your face against theirs. And I’m glad you still love Oliver-kitty even after he scratches you because sometimes he likes his sleep. (Seriously, childrens, if the kitties are on mommyk & papa’s bed, please leave them alone.)

I’m sorry that sometimes your brother and sister lock you out of the bedroom because they are playing, and don’t want to include you.

I’m sorry I have to work today. I hope you have a great day-of-fun with mommy all to yourself.

viva democracy

16 February, 2011

I would like to take this time to say, “good job, be strong, stay brave” to the proud people of Bahrain, Libya, Yemen, and Iran who are protesting for a better life. Thank you, you are an inspiration.

Also, good job to the people of Egypt and Tunisia.

Now granted, all I know about the middle east I learned from spending 15 minutes at Slate, 10 minutes at CNN, and 5 minutes at Al Jazeera. I know, I should have just spent 30 minutes at Al Jazeera. But here’s my thought, maybe, just maybe, we as a nation can quit propping up dictators to serve our momentary national interests. Then maybe, we wouldn’t be actively hated so much.

Underground – Kat Richardson

13 February, 2011

book #3 in Kat Richardson’s Greywalker series

A fairly quick read, I enjoyed, and I like the way she described Seattle. (I wish Charlaine Harris would describe the background of Louisiana as well as Richardson does for Seattle.) I also like the way that main character’s love life is not the main thrust of the story.

Babies & Swimming

12 February, 2011

Last night, for our 15th Date-a-versary, MyBetterHalf and I watched the movie Babies. Yes, we found it a bit humorous, that for fun, we watch babies crying, and hitting each other. The film was alright, I was hoping for fantastic. It does deepen my fascination with Mongolia. However, MsSqueaky and MrGrunty are totally enthralled with the movie right now.

I did find interesting the “take your child to work” where baby was tied to mothers back while she ground cereal, or the shaving of the child’s head with a big knife.

Swim lessons…today was the best day yet*. MsSqueaky went right in, and hopped in the pool, and said, “Get in Grunty. You can do it!” After a few minutes he did get in. They both spent more time in the water than any previous lesson. They both enjoyed popping their heads up over the side and saying “peek-a-boo” to us. The both floated/swam-with-help.   We were happy. They are getting more comfortable in the water, and that’s good. (The first couple, they basically refused to get in. MsS would get in, but soon she would freak and quickly climb out. We were able to bribe MrG with six M&Ms once…today, they went voluntarily.)


*Murphy, you and your stoopid Law can go away. Srsly. Every time I say, “it’s going OK” your law freaking pops up…like when I said “we’re doing pretty good at potty training” and then a few days later, at the OldMcDonald playground, we had TWO accidents. Sheesh.


Superbowl XLV

7 February, 2011

eh…it was alright. I didn’t really have strong feelings about it. I was glad Green Bay won, because first they are owned by their city, which I think is awesome. And second, still a tad bit grumpy about the horribly officiated game of Superbowl XL.

Meighs was here to watch with us, and MrGrunty and MrCuddles had fun playing football and peek-a-boo with her.

MrG was running back and forth in the living room, and I would hand off the football to him, and on the return he would toss it to me. He was giggling. And several times, when I handed it off to him, he would say, “thank you.” Such a polite little football player.

This morning, MrCuddles would stand on the west side of the living room, and count down “two. one.” and run across the room. Then, count up, “one, two” and run back.

And I have to mention, the other night, the childrens had ice-cream cones, and when MrG almost lost his ice-cream, MsSqueaky was instructing him, “Grunty, you have to hold it like this. Not like this. Like this.”  (I was waiting for her to lose hers, due to her showing him how not to hold it.)



high school schedule

2 February, 2011

Here’s my classes for high school

  1. Orchestra – a great way to start the day
  2. German
  3. English
  4. History
  5. Science
  6. Math
  7. and some how I managed to squeeze in a semester of “Theory of Knowledge” and a year of French, and a year’s worth of music theory.

After school all three years I did track in the spring. My Jr & Sr year, I did cross country in the fall.

I wish I had taken swimming, drivers ed, and typing. I wish they had remedial PE, that would have been good for me.


Tale of Two Cities

1 February, 2011

so, here’s the thing… MyBetterHalf and I need more classics in our reading diet. So, every month, one of us will submit three options, and the other will pick which one we will read. January… we ended up reading Dickens “A Tale Of Two Cities”. I’ve known the opening since I was a small child, and I’ve always wanted to read it. And Dickens characters are so great.

The book bored me. It was a chore. It wasn’t fun.

I dunno, maybe because I didn’t care for any of the characters.