today stories

I love being a parent, and witnessing the cuteness first hand.

This morning, MrCuddles, who has an ear infection, woke up around 5am, and he and I snuggled out on the sofa for a bit. Then, he broke free of my arm, crawled over me, got off the sofa, and waddled in his sleep sack over to the kitchen. I followed. When we got there, he held up his arms to be picked up. I picked him up, he gave me one of his wonderful hugs where he wraps little arms around my neck, squeezes tight, buries his face in my shoulder, pulls back, looks me in the eye, and repeats on the other shoulder. Then, he pulled back, looked me in the eye, whilst grasping the sides of my neck in his little hands and said, “Molk.” So I got him his morning milk.

This evening, MsSqueaky was upset because we said she had to eat her corn before she could have two M&Ms. She went prone on the floor, on her hands and knees, curled up crying. Then after a minute, she was on her back, and kicking her feet along the floor so that she was spinning around while crying. (Note: there were no tears.) I told MyBetterHalf, “I don’t believe it. I thought this only happened on TV where they spin around on the ground during a tantrum.”

Later, MrGrunty rushed into my bedroom, yelling and dancing, “I gotta go pee! I gotta go pee!”  I reminded him where he needed to go, and he ran to the bathroom, yelling, “Pee don’t come out!”

It’s so very entertaining at our house.


One Response to “today stories”

  1. Heather Says:

    Hahaha. It’s like the other night when he had me carry him to the bathroom for fear the pee would come out and he yelled “Don’t come out pee!”

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