Superbowl XLV

eh…it was alright. I didn’t really have strong feelings about it. I was glad Green Bay won, because first they are owned by their city, which I think is awesome. And second, still a tad bit grumpy about the horribly officiated game of Superbowl XL.

Meighs was here to watch with us, and MrGrunty and MrCuddles had fun playing football and peek-a-boo with her.

MrG was running back and forth in the living room, and I would hand off the football to him, and on the return he would toss it to me. He was giggling. And several times, when I handed it off to him, he would say, “thank you.” Such a polite little football player.

This morning, MrCuddles would stand on the west side of the living room, and count down “two. one.” and run across the room. Then, count up, “one, two” and run back.

And I have to mention, the other night, the childrens had ice-cream cones, and when MrG almost lost his ice-cream, MsSqueaky was instructing him, “Grunty, you have to hold it like this. Not like this. Like this.”  (I was waiting for her to lose hers, due to her showing him how not to hold it.)




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