Babies & Swimming

Last night, for our 15th Date-a-versary, MyBetterHalf and I watched the movie Babies. Yes, we found it a bit humorous, that for fun, we watch babies crying, and hitting each other. The film was alright, I was hoping for fantastic. It does deepen my fascination with Mongolia. However, MsSqueaky and MrGrunty are totally enthralled with the movie right now.

I did find interesting the “take your child to work” where baby was tied to mothers back while she ground cereal, or the shaving of the child’s head with a big knife.

Swim lessons…today was the best day yet*. MsSqueaky went right in, and hopped in the pool, and said, “Get in Grunty. You can do it!” After a few minutes he did get in. They both spent more time in the water than any previous lesson. They both enjoyed popping their heads up over the side and saying “peek-a-boo” to us. The both floated/swam-with-help.   We were happy. They are getting more comfortable in the water, and that’s good. (The first couple, they basically refused to get in. MsS would get in, but soon she would freak and quickly climb out. We were able to bribe MrG with six M&Ms once…today, they went voluntarily.)


*Murphy, you and your stoopid Law can go away. Srsly. Every time I say, “it’s going OK” your law freaking pops up…like when I said “we’re doing pretty good at potty training” and then a few days later, at the OldMcDonald playground, we had TWO accidents. Sheesh.



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