Happy B-day Mr Cuddles

Two years ago, Mr Cuddles, known as “Dritte” back then, was born. (You can find the birth story part 1 and part 2)

My boy, you are still, very much a snuggler. Especially when you first wake up, you prefer to smoosh your face into a parents chest, and have us hold you for a few minutes while you wake up.

I am very excited about all the words you are learning, and the conversations that we are starting to have. We’ve recorded 50 words or phrases that you know, you probably know more, just the doctor will ask if you know 50, so you do, so we quit counting.

I appreciate how sometimes, in the morning when we are getting ready for school, and your brother and sister are freaking out because they don’t wanna go to school, that you will be the calm voice of reason.

I’m glad that you love our kitties, and you are very cute when you squat down to their level and try and rub your face against theirs. And I’m glad you still love Oliver-kitty even after he scratches you because sometimes he likes his sleep. (Seriously, childrens, if the kitties are on mommyk & papa’s bed, please leave them alone.)

I’m sorry that sometimes your brother and sister lock you out of the bedroom because they are playing, and don’t want to include you.

I’m sorry I have to work today. I hope you have a great day-of-fun with mommy all to yourself.


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