b-day party

Mr Cuddles, we had your birthday party at the Children’s Museum today. I think you had fun, because you were screaming when we finally left. I think you also ate the frosting and tops of four cupcakes. Naturally you fell asleep two minutes into our ride home, but the power nap was good for you. I tried to put you in your bed, you screamed. You directed me to “go!” to my room, while carrying you. And when I put you on our bed, you patted the bed beside you and said “Sleep”. So I laid down, and you got the giggles, very excited to be in mommy & papa’s bed. But you had no intention on taking a real nap.

Two of your cousins visited, and you loved playing with cousin Mo. In fact, you, her, and Ms Squeaky were playing “birthday-party” in your room, on top of a dozen blankets on the floor, and when I went to check on you, you pushed my legs, and told me to “go” and when I stepped out of the room, you closed the door in my face. I’m sure you were very happy to be able to kick someone out, much like your siblings kick you out.


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