This morning, I was lucky to listen to the beautiful sounds of dinosaurs chasing childrens. Cousin Mo was still here, and she and MsSqueaky, MrGrunty and MrCuddles took turns donning the dino-hand-puppet and running around the house yelling “RAWR”.

Today, MrG got a one of his mommy’s books, and went page by page, something like this, “Papa, if it four three, what it is?”  (“It’s forty three, MrG.”) “Papa, if it four four, what it is?”  …all the way up to page 100. Later, all  three boys were sitting on the sofa, reading our separate books, for two minutes. Until MrCuddles threw is book on the floor.

I’m glad to say, the toys MrCuddles got for his birthday, are very cool according to MsSqueaky & MrGrunty, and they’ve been testing them out constantly to make sure the toys are fitting for a two year old.

Before she left, Cousin Mo played cars with MsSqueaky. Yesterday she played with MrG, only they were using their feet, and laughing lots.

This afternoon, me and the boys played cars, “Ready. Set. Go.” and MrC learned to say “go” before pushing his car towards me.

MsSqueaky went to SnarkyKat’s baby shower with her mommy. I think she had fun.

After cars, I took the boys to go take care of the baby-dolls. I taught MrGrunty how to swaddle a  baby, and after he did that, he held the baby, sang lullaby, and rubbed his baby’s head. MrCuddles tossed his baby on the floor, to get it out of the swaddle, and then put a blanket on top of it, then he said “baby sleeping.”

Q of the day, from MrGrunty, “papa, why do red and blue make purple?”   I dunno.

…update…Tonight, MrCuddles did not want to have his mommy put on his pajammas, and ran to his papa, who was lounging on the sofa. He sat behind me, and laughed and made faces at his mommy. Then, MyBetterHalf said, “I gonna put Cuddles jammies on Grunty!” and swiped the PJs towards MrG. He laughed, and soon, MrG and MsS were running back and forth across the living room, dodging their mommy with the PFs. MrG had a silly run that was almost speed-walker, with sliding the foot back due to lack of traction. MsS was saying “tip-toe, tip-toe” as she got close, and then would run.


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