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31 March, 2011

We bought a small basketball hoop for the childrens. This morning, when MrG and MsS were shooting baskets, I said, “Nice shot”. MrG informed me it wasn’t a “shot” because you get a shot at the doctor.

Ms Squeaky stories

27 March, 2011

The other morning, while we were getting ready to go, I was a bit stressed, and I yelled at MrGrunty. He burst into crying at being yelled at, which of course didn’t help the getting-ready-to-go-now situation. I walked away. MsSqueaky stormed after me, went right up to me and with tears welling up in her eyes, yelled, “Papa! We don’t yell at people, OK! That’s not nice.” and before I could answer she turned and walked over to her brother, “It’s OK Grunty, it’s OK.”   I am so very proud of my daughter standing up for what is right, and protecting her brother.

Later, as I was dropping them off at school, I apologized to MrGrunty. He said, a bit of sadness still in his voice, “Papa, we only yell at the yelling place. OK?”  I asked him where that was. His beautiful eyes looked up, and then slowly rolled to the left as he thought about the answer, “The yelling place is far away.”

Yesterday, I had promised MsSqueaky that we would have Papa-&-Squeaky time on Saturday. So, she woke up at 5:45AM, Saturday morning, and told me, “I want Papa & Squeaky time”. I tried to explain it was still sleeping time. She tried to wait, tried to rest, but she was just too excited. Eventually, at 9:30AM, she and I left to go to Sky Nursery. When we got there, we got a hot chocolate, she helped me pick out seeds, and we wandered around.

Last night, MrGrunty was running, and that spooked Oliver-kitty, who was already stressed out and nervous because Sophie-kitty smelled like the vet, and Oliver hissed at MrG. This freaked MrG out and he ran away and was crying. A moment later, I heard MsS yelling, “Oliver! That’s not nice. You’re a bad kitty. You go to time out!”  When I went to the scene, MsSqueaky was there still, pointing at Oliver, and she was completely naked.

Today, she helped me with building the tricycle for MrCuddles while the other kids were napping. MrC must have known she helped, because tonight he walked up to her and gave her a big hug.

Tonight, while MrG and I were playing basketball, MsSqueaky decided we would play marching band. And got her brothers to stand in line, with instruments, and then marched us all to their bedroom.

Mr Cuddles goes swimming

26 March, 2011

Last weekend, MrCuddles had his first swim lesson. He was looking a bit perplexed, wrapped in a towel whilst he waited for his turn. He and his mommy went into the pool together, and he loved it. He was smiling and laughing the whole time.

At the same time, MrGrunty & MsSqueaky were retaking their swim class. I was nervous, it had been a few weeks. But they hoped right in the pool, and participated about all the time. A few times, one of them would climb out, but the teacher (same as last quarter, they like him), asked “where are you going?” and then they got back in the pool. I was very proud of them.

BTW…at home, MsSqueaky has been giving swim lessons to one of her dolls, and one morning, using the living room as our pretend pool, she gave me a swim lesson. She tells me “I’m gonna be a teacher, and Grunty is gonna be a life guard.”

tonight stories

15 March, 2011

MrCuddles sitting on the sofa, pulled a blanket over himself and said, “I hiding”. I asked, “Where’s MrCuddles.” And of course, MrC giggled and kicked his feet. MrGrunty, sitting on the other side of the sofa, reading one of his mommy’s books, said, “That’s a laughing blanket.”  A laughing blanket, I exclaimed, where’s Cuddles, laughing blanket?  From under the blanket we heard, “I hiding”. MrGrunty then said, “That’s a talking blanket…. Why does that blanket keep talking?”

Later, MsSqueaky stood at the door of their room, and said to me & MrG, “You guys be the pigs, and I be the big bad wolf.”  She shut the door and said, “Little pigs, little pigs let me in!”   We replied, “not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin”.  She huffed and puffed, but by the time she was blowing the door down, we were hiding under a blanket.

Tonight, at bedtime, MrCuddles was snuggled up in his brother’s bed, snuggling a baby doll, and pushing the button on a sports car to make it go “vroom”.

Magic vs Suns March 13

13 March, 2011

was it just me, or was this a turnover fest? I remember when the Suns were fun and exciting…Nash, Stoudamire, Marrion. Poor Grant Hill and Steve Nash, being stuck on a sucky team. When it was the fourth quarter, the Magic were up by 25, and Jeff Van Gundy was wondering out loud whether-or-not Kobe Bryant is a good tipper, I turned the game off.

little conversations

13 March, 2011


  • Driving to their pre-school, MrCuddles excitedly yelled, “That is a bus!” It was the first time I heard him say an intelligible four word sentence.
  • MsSqueaky, one morning regarding the cats, “Her don’t wanna be petted. Oliver, you wanna be petted? Are you gonna scratch me? He’s not gonna scratch me.”

One night after their bedtime, I stood outside their door and listened:

MrGrunty, “Squeaky, do it”

MsSqueaky, “I need to get my blanket on. I need to. You have a bluh-blah in your name?” (yes, she said, “bluh-blah”)

MrG, “I don’t have a blah. Squeaky, say a letter.”

MsS, “A. J. A. That’s you we spell Aja”

And then MsS yelled out, “Mommy, we’re sleeping!!”

One of MrGrunty’s favorite things, is to pick up one of his mommy’s paperback books, and flipping through the pages, ask me if we ride the number __ bus.

“Papa, do we ride the five four bus?”

“No,” I respond,” we don’t ride the fifty-four bus.”

MrG says, “Papa, I didn’t say fifty-four, you need to listen!”

Speaker For The Dead

12 March, 2011

I love Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game, and recommend it to everyone.  Speaker for the Dead is the sequel.

Now what if, you took the main character, thrust him one thousand years into the future, and he once again he encounters alien lifeforms? The type of story is different, Ender is no longer in a military environment, instead he has to deal with politicians and scientists.

I like that Card seems to have a respect for all the characters, opponents have rational intelligent reasons for their actions, and that drives them. There were many opponents, but no bad-guys. Which I suspect is the theme of a Speaker for the Dead, that “Once you understand what people really want, you can’t hate them anymore.” (pg 370).

I was enjoying it, alot, for the first two thirds of the book. However, the climax was kinda a bummer.  I was expecting the wisdom of Ender, who, allegedly is one of the smartest and empathetic humans ever, but it is very difficult to write a character smarter than yourself. And what we got was just normal wisdom from one of the great writers of science fiction.

Another problem, and I can’t really get past this one. It’s been 1000 years since Ender’s Game, and Ender is still alive, due to close to lightspeed travel. Does Card think that human culture won’t change freakishly in one thousand years? How can Ender not be hopelessly dated?

Favorite quote, “…don’t try to teach me about good and evil. I’ve been there, and you’ve seen nothing but the map.”

Each chapter was from the view of an omniscient observer focusing on one character, but the voice was always the same narrator. Tracey Chevalier did a much better job of this technique in The Lady & the Unicorn, where each chapter had a distinctly different voice.

my judgement: eh, it was alright.

Laker vs Heat March 10th

12 March, 2011

I really don’t like either team, but I was expecting a good show. I was entertained, with like 14 lead changes, it was interesting to the end. It does seem the Heat were more fired up, more determined and excited about doing the little things right. And for the Lakers, I remember Derrick Fisher throwing a long pass down court, way over the head of Paul Gasol, who missed and after they were both laughing.