tonight stories

MrCuddles sitting on the sofa, pulled a blanket over himself and said, “I hiding”. I asked, “Where’s MrCuddles.” And of course, MrC giggled and kicked his feet. MrGrunty, sitting on the other side of the sofa, reading one of his mommy’s books, said, “That’s a laughing blanket.”  A laughing blanket, I exclaimed, where’s Cuddles, laughing blanket?  From under the blanket we heard, “I hiding”. MrGrunty then said, “That’s a talking blanket…. Why does that blanket keep talking?”

Later, MsSqueaky stood at the door of their room, and said to me & MrG, “You guys be the pigs, and I be the big bad wolf.”  She shut the door and said, “Little pigs, little pigs let me in!”   We replied, “not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin”.  She huffed and puffed, but by the time she was blowing the door down, we were hiding under a blanket.

Tonight, at bedtime, MrCuddles was snuggled up in his brother’s bed, snuggling a baby doll, and pushing the button on a sports car to make it go “vroom”.


One Response to “tonight stories”

  1. bitterkat Says:

    This reminds me of tiny Zoe who always did the little pigs and her favorite line was, “Not by my hairy hairy chin!”

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