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NBA playoffs Bulls vs Pacers game 2

18 April, 2011

Another exciting game. I’ve been hearing about Derrick Rose, and finally a chance to watch him. I was wowed early in the game with a couple of speedy, amazing forrays to the basket. Then later, making a 3-pointer look easy.

I was excited as I heard the intro to Thunder Struck, I love that song, the crowd was chanting, it was great. But, as the game progressed, the Chicago fans weren’t into it when their team was losing, are they too cool to cheer? Did they feel unenthused when only down by a few points. It had the feeling that the Pacers were in control, but the pesky Bulls kept coming back, like the Bulls were the underdogs. I was trying to figure out how an eight seed, the Pacers, could be doing so well. Then, after the half, the Bulls came on stronger, the Pacers settled for some sloppy shots. Was it over?  The Pacers were trying to claw back into it.

End of third quarter… shot from beyond half court to tie it at 67!!

Was close, was exciting…in last minute of play, a couple of bad calls by the refs. And offensive foul at 53 seconds?? Last touched by Foster, who was pushed by Boozer??

I hope the Pacers will games 3 & 4.

NBA playoffs Denver vs OKC

18 April, 2011

Game 1, Denver at OKC, just as exciting as any college game… guys were hustling, scrumming after rebounds, steals, blocked shots, the crowd was super enthusiastic, many lead changes, even a wrong call by the refs that may have effected the outcome of the game.  But how would one know it wasn’t a college game, well, the players were actually making their shots.

I like Coach George Karl from his days with the Sonics. I like the young Thunder team. And I really liked this first game, I hope the series goes to seven games.

NBA playoffs Dallas vs Portland

17 April, 2011

I am so very happy that the NBA playoffs are finally here.

First game I watched, Game #1 of Dallas vs Portland. It was exciting, I really have a lot of respect for coach McMillian of the Blazers. He’s a class act, and according to some statistician McMillian is the best at having his team score after a time out. Too bad Portland is cursed when it drafts centers.

Storm Born

16 April, 2011

Storm Born, by Richelle Mead was an alright read, in the paranormal-urban-fantasy-chick-lit genre. Fortunately not too much talk about fashion, and there’s porn scenes. I still prefer Holly Black’s version of the Fairy Realm. I did like Mead’s version of someone living passing into the afterlife.

proud of my babies

10 April, 2011

This morning, in church, for the “children’s Bible minute”  Leena asked the children, “What kind of hats do you like to wear?”  All the big kids answered, and MrGrunty rolled his eyes and sighed. I whispered to him, “raise your hand”. Leena saw, and asked. He bravely said, “I like to wear my Daddy’s hat*.”  MsSqueaky, seeing it was OK to talk, was next to volunteer, and said, “I like to where a witch hat.”  As all the children filed out, PastorSandy asked, “It this MrCuddles’ first time up here.” No, his second. And he mostly behaved, but he had a fourth grade girl sitting next to him, encouraging him to sit still.

This afternoon, since the concept of nap-time was not working, I decided to take the childrens to Hamlin Park to go hiking in the drizzle. All in all, it was about an hour hike for them. On the way out, MsSqueaky stopped at a crossroads, and stared up a big hill. I told it was too steep. She glowered at me. MrG said, “Squeaky looks grumpy.” I agreed, and sent him to see what she wanted. Then they both started up the steep hill. They got two thirds up, and MrG was stuck and needed my help. So I followed up the steep hill, holding a sleeping MrCuddles, and got to them, and we eased up the hill, leaning forward, taking little steps, scrunching down, and we made it to the top. Good job judging what we could do, MsS!

Walking out, I was explaining to MrG that I have three babies. He didn’t believe me. When I said who they were, he laughed, “No papa, we’re not babies.”

(I have to admit, at times, I thought about bears while trying to keep the three childrens together in the park.)

Two blocks before we got home in the car, MsS & MrG were asleep. So we kept driving, MrCuddles and I were talking, as we drove on. He pointed out some balloons, and knew their colours, pointed out buses. I am proud that when asking for something, I’ll remind him, and then he’ll say. “Pleez. Sank yoo. Welcome.”

* I think I’ve figured it out. When addressing me at home, he will call me papa. Which is what I like, and what we encouraged. But, when talking about me to others, he refers to me as “dad” or “daddy”, presumably, so everyone else will know who he’s talking about.

museum of flight

7 April, 2011

Tonight, we went to “Free-First-Thursday-of-the-Month” at Boeing Museum of Flight.

I don’t know how much the childrens liked it. MsSqueaky, at first was upset, and didn’t want to go on an airplane. MrGrunty got sad as soon as he figured out we weren’t going on a trip in a plane. MrCuddles just wanted down so he could run.

At one point, my three childrens, (MrC started it) were entertaining Japanese tourists by crawling around, with their forehead against the floor. We’ll see if their foreheads have carpet burns in the morning.

The childrens did enjoy watching planes take off and land from Boeing Field.

Defense Budget

6 April, 2011

My fellow Americans, let’s be realistic.

We spend way more money on national defense than we need to. And we spend the money on the wrong things. It is a huge  waste of tax payer money. Our defense spending is like a home owner buying multiple high-powered hunting rifles to deal with a vermin problem. Am I comparing Al Quaida to rats and roaches? Yes, they can wiggle their way in, spread disease, do some property damage, are disgusting…but not worthy of large item purchases.

We spend about $600 billion on defense. No one even comes close.  Why do we spend that much?  No one is asking that question. Some might say, “to keep us safe from our enemies”. Who are we afraid of?  What country is about to invade us? What country is about to invade our allies? AND…our extremely trusted friends and allies, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea & NATO, also spend lots of money on defense. We are not alone in the world.

So in the spirit of the young Tea Partiers in Congress, I propose cutting $100 billion from the defense budget.  Then take another $100 billion to start effectively dealing with the vermin that actually threaten us, and I suspect that building schools, building hospitals, and buying non-tariff imports will go a lot further to keeping us safe than using cruise missiles to target crazy men at weddings.

Who are we afraid of?


first over-night

4 April, 2011

a few weeks ago, MyBetterHalf and I took the childrens to Tacoma, to stay with my parents, while we went to a wedding.

We had been talking to the childrens about it for the week prior, getting excited about sleeping at Grandma’s house.

When we got there, we hung out for a bit, and then MsSqueaky turns to me and said, “Papa, you can go now.” A bit later we left, and as we were going, the childrens were excitedly going for a walk to the park.

The did alright, I’m told.

The parents, we had fun at the wedding, which was held at the Boeing Museum of Flight. The weather was beautiful, sun shined through the windows, later, the moon was full,…since at a museum, we could wander around and look at stuff. (Important trivia for me… early Boeing hired an imigrant engineer at the beginning of the company. And, government paid for planes to fly around Alaska, taking pictures.) I think I danced too much, because my feet were sore the next day.


kinder garten 2011

3 April, 2011

Today, Ms Squeaky & MrGrunty planted the peas and green beans into their garden spot. Two weeks ago, when they had first over-night at Grandma’s, they planted some peas and beans in starter cups. I built a tripod over their Kinder-garten, for the vines to hopefully grow up. MrGrunty & MsSqueaky were happy to shovel out a bit of dirt, MrCuddles found that really fun, flicking dirt around. I had a whole plot he could dig in, but he wanted to be next to his siblings, so I had to watch where he was digging, so he wouldn’t destroy newly planted stuff.

We found some worms, and MrG & MsS, like usual want to see, and even want to touch, until the worms get close. MrCuddles just burst into the huddle, and picked up a worm. MsS, seeing her brother was OK, then was brave enough to pick up worms. And that got MrGrunty brave enough.

Mr Grunty stories

2 April, 2011

Yesterday, when I drove into the driveway after picking the childrens up from school, MrGrunty let out a “NOOOOO!!!! I wanna go see E & K!!”  I had told them that the pastor’s girls, E & K, were gonna visit Friday night. It took a moment to calm him down, to tell him that the E (age 5) and K (age 3) were coming to our house. Then, inside, for the next hour, MrG was frequently asking where they were, worried they were never gonna show up. He calmed down a bit when I put the plate of pizza, pears, kiwi & strawberries in front of him.

When they were here, they brought a Disney movie to watch. (Rapunzel?) There were a few times when MrG came up to me, “Papa, I’m scared, can we go into my room for a minute, and then come back when it’s not scary anymore?” He doesn’t like the fight/action scenes, especially when the scene is dark and there is a scary looking villain.

This morning, we got Papa & MrG time, by going to Sky Nursery for arugula. I asked him a couple of times, what we were gonna get, because I wanted to teach him the word “arugula”. After the third time, MrG exclaimed, “Papa, stop saying that!” He enjoyed getting a shot sized hot-chocolate, and he picked out some sunflower seeds.

This morning at swim class, he was happy that he finally got to go on the slide.

This afternoon, the girls went book shopping, and the boys stayed home. We played ball and cars. MrG would get a bit stressed when MrCuddles would claim, “My ball!”. But eventually, I got two boys chasing two different balls all around the living room. Then, MrG calmed down a bit, sat on the sofa, and examined a bead necklace. He was concentrating very much, examining each bead, before moving onto the next. MrCuddles put together a car, and showed his  brother, I am happy to say, MrG looked up from his beads and said, “Great job, Cuddles. Good job.”

MrCuddles, then got a nose bleed, and I was trying to minimize the mess, asked MrG for help. He ignored me. Then I said, “MrGrunty, your brother has a bloody nose. Will you please go to the bathroom and get a washcloth.” And he did without hesitation.