Mr Grunty stories

Yesterday, when I drove into the driveway after picking the childrens up from school, MrGrunty let out a “NOOOOO!!!! I wanna go see E & K!!”  I had told them that the pastor’s girls, E & K, were gonna visit Friday night. It took a moment to calm him down, to tell him that the E (age 5) and K (age 3) were coming to our house. Then, inside, for the next hour, MrG was frequently asking where they were, worried they were never gonna show up. He calmed down a bit when I put the plate of pizza, pears, kiwi & strawberries in front of him.

When they were here, they brought a Disney movie to watch. (Rapunzel?) There were a few times when MrG came up to me, “Papa, I’m scared, can we go into my room for a minute, and then come back when it’s not scary anymore?” He doesn’t like the fight/action scenes, especially when the scene is dark and there is a scary looking villain.

This morning, we got Papa & MrG time, by going to Sky Nursery for arugula. I asked him a couple of times, what we were gonna get, because I wanted to teach him the word “arugula”. After the third time, MrG exclaimed, “Papa, stop saying that!” He enjoyed getting a shot sized hot-chocolate, and he picked out some sunflower seeds.

This morning at swim class, he was happy that he finally got to go on the slide.

This afternoon, the girls went book shopping, and the boys stayed home. We played ball and cars. MrG would get a bit stressed when MrCuddles would claim, “My ball!”. But eventually, I got two boys chasing two different balls all around the living room. Then, MrG calmed down a bit, sat on the sofa, and examined a bead necklace. He was concentrating very much, examining each bead, before moving onto the next. MrCuddles put together a car, and showed his  brother, I am happy to say, MrG looked up from his beads and said, “Great job, Cuddles. Good job.”

MrCuddles, then got a nose bleed, and I was trying to minimize the mess, asked MrG for help. He ignored me. Then I said, “MrGrunty, your brother has a bloody nose. Will you please go to the bathroom and get a washcloth.” And he did without hesitation.



One Response to “Mr Grunty stories”

  1. Heather Says:

    The movie was Tangled.

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