kinder garten 2011

Today, Ms Squeaky & MrGrunty planted the peas and green beans into their garden spot. Two weeks ago, when they had first over-night at Grandma’s, they planted some peas and beans in starter cups. I built a tripod over their Kinder-garten, for the vines to hopefully grow up. MrGrunty & MsSqueaky were happy to shovel out a bit of dirt, MrCuddles found that really fun, flicking dirt around. I had a whole plot he could dig in, but he wanted to be next to his siblings, so I had to watch where he was digging, so he wouldn’t destroy newly planted stuff.

We found some worms, and MrG & MsS, like usual want to see, and even want to touch, until the worms get close. MrCuddles just burst into the huddle, and picked up a worm. MsS, seeing her brother was OK, then was brave enough to pick up worms. And that got MrGrunty brave enough.


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