first over-night

a few weeks ago, MyBetterHalf and I took the childrens to Tacoma, to stay with my parents, while we went to a wedding.

We had been talking to the childrens about it for the week prior, getting excited about sleeping at Grandma’s house.

When we got there, we hung out for a bit, and then MsSqueaky turns to me and said, “Papa, you can go now.” A bit later we left, and as we were going, the childrens were excitedly going for a walk to the park.

The did alright, I’m told.

The parents, we had fun at the wedding, which was held at the Boeing Museum of Flight. The weather was beautiful, sun shined through the windows, later, the moon was full,…since at a museum, we could wander around and look at stuff. (Important trivia for me… early Boeing hired an imigrant engineer at the beginning of the company. And, government paid for planes to fly around Alaska, taking pictures.) I think I danced too much, because my feet were sore the next day.



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