Defense Budget

My fellow Americans, let’s be realistic.

We spend way more money on national defense than we need to. And we spend the money on the wrong things. It is a huge  waste of tax payer money. Our defense spending is like a home owner buying multiple high-powered hunting rifles to deal with a vermin problem. Am I comparing Al Quaida to rats and roaches? Yes, they can wiggle their way in, spread disease, do some property damage, are disgusting…but not worthy of large item purchases.

We spend about $600 billion on defense. No one even comes close.  Why do we spend that much?  No one is asking that question. Some might say, “to keep us safe from our enemies”. Who are we afraid of?  What country is about to invade us? What country is about to invade our allies? AND…our extremely trusted friends and allies, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea & NATO, also spend lots of money on defense. We are not alone in the world.

So in the spirit of the young Tea Partiers in Congress, I propose cutting $100 billion from the defense budget.  Then take another $100 billion to start effectively dealing with the vermin that actually threaten us, and I suspect that building schools, building hospitals, and buying non-tariff imports will go a lot further to keeping us safe than using cruise missiles to target crazy men at weddings.

Who are we afraid of?



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