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Dallas -vs- Miami, game 1

31 May, 2011

I don’t know why I am emotionally invested in the outcome of this series.

I feel that Miami will will.




30 May, 2011

Whilst digging today, I found some worms, and had to go show the childrens. Since it’s an animal, MsSqueaky loves it. She eagerly holds it in her hand, doesn’t want to share with her brothers, and says in her talking-to-a-baby voice, “hi worm. It’s OK. Don’t be scared. You can do it.”

MrGrunty was a little nervous to pick up a rolly-polly, so I assured him they won’t bite.

MrCuddles also wanted to grab the worm. And one of his hobbies, that he learned from the big kids, is pick up an ant from one ant colony entrance, and take it to the other entrance. (I really hope we aren’t starting colony wars!)

At the park today, MrG and MsS were swinging / hanging a lot on the monkey bars. So much they were hurting their hands, but they kept going. MrC was having fun playing in wood chips, or sliding down a slide, or climbing stares. Then we went to merry-go-round, where my childrens did a fair amount of pushing the other kids. Then we watched the big kids at the skate park.

saturday in the parks

29 May, 2011

Yes, two parks we went to yesterday.

First, TwinPonds, because MrGrunty and MsSqueaky wanted to ride bikes. Their first time taking the bikes to the park, and they did alright, though it took them a bit to get used to small inclines and roots making bumps in the pavement. While there, MsS saw a boy playing soccer. She wanted to go play, and I told her to go ask him. She was brave, and soon, they were kicking the ball to each other. MrG joined them.  Later, we let the boy borrow MrCuddles tricycle so the three of them could go on a ride.   (MrCuddles had fun on the big-kid swing, swinging next to his mommy.)

That evening, we went off to St Edwards State Park. It was very cute, while driving there, MrC and MsS fell asleep, and even though we had only been there once before, as I drove past the entrance, MrGrunty with a look of shock and disbelief kept looking back and forth from me, to the entrance. He knew I didn’t make the turn. So to calm him down, I told him my plan to go get food to take to picnic. When we arrived at the park, he showed his mommy where the picnic tables in the woods were. The boy seems to have a better geography memory than I do.

At the park, there’s a plane, and MsS got her brothers to get in, so she could be the pilot. Then, about to take off, she said, “wait  a minute, I have to go fix the engine”.

And food flashback, peanut-butter-and-banana sandwiches are yummy.

Sunday night, while MrCuddles was having solo time with his mommy, me, MrGrunty & MsSqueaky painted our toenails


song of the now

26 May, 2011

Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s an old song, but my most-favorite song-of-the-now is

M.I.A. “Paper Planes”, because I gotta love any song that references the KGB, and sounds like they are banging on a trash can.

Had you asked last week, it would have been Adele’s “Rolling in the deep”, which, I gathering, A LOT of people like. The arrangement, production are perfect. The lyrics a great. The melody catchy. The music fantastic in the feels familiar, yet sounds new.

As for my childrens

  • MrCuddles hearts “Ipsy Spy-er” as he calls it.
  • MsSqueaky hearts “Koom-by-ya”
  • MrGrunty hearts “Praise ye the Lord”

Dallas -v- OKC, game 5

25 May, 2011

This evening, we turned on the last few minutes, and I rallied the childrens to sing “here we go Dallas, here we go”. MrGrunty & MsSqueaky thought that was fun. They were asking who the players are, and when I pointed out Dirk, they thought that was an interesting game. When Nowitzki made a basket I said, “Yay, Dirk!” and MsSqueaky copied me, “Yay, Dirk”. MrGrunty said, “I wanna see Dirk do it again!”

Later, I pointed out that Dirk was wearing a four – one jersey. MrG exclaimed, “Papa, we ride the 41 bus to down-town!”

Mavs – vs – Thunder game 4

24 May, 2011

I like the playoff atmosphere, all the fans wearing home team colors. Though, I am amused that when the home team color matches the visitors jersey. I loved the crowd chanting “O.K.C”, someone said it was similar to Duke fans.

Wow, Thunder made first nine shots, they seemed to have control, up by 15 points with only 5:05 left in the game. Up by 10, with only 2:30 to go. And Mavs sent it into overtime and win. Exciting. Wow, that Dirk guy is pretty good.

Bulls -vs- Heat, game 3

23 May, 2011

So, how good is Chris Bosh? He was good enough to be the main man on a bad team, but what does that mean? Do you even get guarded decently when your team is losing constantly? If you’re good, can’t you make your teammates better?

Last night, I saw a few amazing plays by Wade & Lebron, but I saw Bosh make lots of points. Nothing spectacular, just a lot of shots, that were contested, he was never wide open. Was it because the Bulls were focused on guarding LeBron & Wade, and that left Bosh free to make a lot of points?  Well, good for him, I think this is the first time this season he actually feels good about his game.

Alright Bulls, play team defense in game 4. And maybe not have 24 second violations, seriously, that’s an amateur mistake.

Life lesson advice for my childrens

22 May, 2011

My dear sweet childrens, I love you more and more each day. Someday, far too soon, I will not be around, and so, as fathers do, I will give you the best advice I have.

  • Love God with all your heart, all your mind, all your spirit, and all your strength.
  • Love your neighbor as yourself.

That’s it. Nothing original, it’s short and to the point, easy to remember, but the secret to a good life is right there. I could drone on for pages, but you wonderful childrens are much smarter than me, and you’ll figure things out quicker than I did, and learn from my mistakes.

What brings this? Besides the basic fact that I’m mortal? Note, to the best of my knowledge, I am not dieing in the foreseeable future, and I hope not before I see my grandchildren graduate from high school. But you never know. Recently, a good friend had a loved one die of  heart attack, and he was a mere five years older than me. And another good friend had a near death experience at a local hospital due to a minor routine surgery where something got messed up. So you never know, do you?

And every now and then, someone dying will write some book of advice to somebody, and sell a lot of books. I wanna write advice. But really, everything is actually summed in fantastically in Matthew 22:37-39. And for those in the studio audience, “neighbor” is defined in Luke 10:25-37. And “love” is wonderfully defined in I Corinthians 13.

(And pro’lly being the 1,000th post, kinda gave me impetus to write something I’ve been meaning to write for a long time.)

The Invisible Man

21 May, 2011

By H.G. Wells, the Invisible Man, was for me a quick and enjoyable read for the latest selection in me & MyBetterHalf’s “classics we should have read decades ago” book club. It wasn’t her cup of tea. Much better than 20,000 leagues of boring under the sea.

I read it on a new fangled digital reader thing, which I thought I would hate, but it was OK.

Dallas -vs- OKC game 2

20 May, 2011

I’m still rooting for Dallas. But I like Harden, sporting that big grizzly beard, and I appreciate Kevin Durrant after the game, (regarding the bench) “…you really should be interviewing them, they won it for us tonight.”  I did notice, that the starters that were on the bench during the 4th quarter, did not seem super joyous watching from the bench. Unlike Boston’s Kevin Durrant, who is the biggest cheerleader for the team when he’s sitting on the bench, and that enthusiasm is infectious and good for a team.