Boston -vs- Miami game 3

Thankfully, the Celtics played decently and won the game.

I do wish someone was around that could explain some of the nuances of basketball for me, like sometimes it seems the person with the ball is being guarded, a second defender will come over, for just a moment, and then go away. Like they thought about doing a trap, but then decided against it.

And tonight, I swear I saw in the fourth quarter, during one of the Celtics offensive plays, Shaq standing out by the three point line. Wha?

One of the best parts of the playoffs, and this happened last year too, is when Rondo zips to the hoop, jumps up, and Lebron zooms in even faster and bigger ready to stop the ball, but Rondo makes an adjustment and dishes an assist, or changes the trajectory of the shot, and Lebron swats the backboard, and the Celtics get two points. I want a highlight reel of that.

My favorite part, when MsSqueaky said, “Papa will you sit next to me and watch basketball?”


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