Whilst digging today, I found some worms, and had to go show the childrens. Since it’s an animal, MsSqueaky loves it. She eagerly holds it in her hand, doesn’t want to share with her brothers, and says in her talking-to-a-baby voice, “hi worm. It’s OK. Don’t be scared. You can do it.”

MrGrunty was a little nervous to pick up a rolly-polly, so I assured him they won’t bite.

MrCuddles also wanted to grab the worm. And one of his hobbies, that he learned from the big kids, is pick up an ant from one ant colony entrance, and take it to the other entrance. (I really hope we aren’t starting colony wars!)

At the park today, MrG and MsS were swinging / hanging a lot on the monkey bars. So much they were hurting their hands, but they kept going. MrC was having fun playing in wood chips, or sliding down a slide, or climbing stares. Then we went to merry-go-round, where my childrens did a fair amount of pushing the other kids. Then we watched the big kids at the skate park.


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