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26 June, 2011

At Church, from the sermon, ‘when we keep a promise to a friend, it is small a sanctuary  we provide to our friend in an unpredictable world.’

After Church we went to Magnuson Park with friends. The childrens loved the playground. MsSqueaky did very well on the Jr-climbing-wall. When I complemented her, she reminded me, while clinging to the wall, “Papa, and I’m a good finder of worms.”

This evening, me and the childrens played a bunch in the backyard. MrGrunty wanted to practice hitting the ball with the stick, long after his brother and sister got bored with that game.

They sat on the steps, blowing bubbles. MrG & MsS then tried to catch the bubbles as they were floating away. Most they would miss, and yell out, “Ahh!!” and laugh lots. They would transfer bubbles to each other. They were very entertained for a good fifteen minutes.

Then they were playing follow-the-leader, or keep away from MrCuddles. I wasn’t sure. MrC was following his big brother and sister, but they were running away from him, and shouting, “Oh no! Cuddles is gonna get us.”  MrC didn’t seem upset. But after a bit, I helped him out to catch them.

We watered our plants. All the kids helped.

After bath, the childrens followed each other around the house, chanting “chugga-chugga Choo-chOO!!”

After the kids went to bed,  me & MyBetterHalf watched “TrueBlood”.  (We just finished watching “GameOfThrones” last night.) Now-a-days at bedtime, MrG and MsS want stories instead of songs after the lights go out. MrC wants “firetruck!” (not sure story or song.) I’ve been giving them stories about when they were babies, or when I was a little boy.

A beautiful summer day in Seattle.

20,000 leagues under the sea

19 June, 2011

The sci-fi classic, by Jules Verne, 20,000 leagues under the sea.  It was one of the recent choices for me & MyBetterHalf’s classics-bookclub.
Now, I know why I prefer fantasy fiction to science fiction, because in the science fiction, I want it annotated, so I know what parts are true, what parts are probable or conjecture, and what parts are just made up. That was one thing bothering me about the 20k book.

I should have known, when they shot an albatross (chapter 16) that it would end badly. I just didn’t know I would be the one it ended badly for. I found the book, for the most part, boring. There would be lists of species of things he saw.  So what. There would be detailed longitude & latitude of journy. Who cares. I didn’t much care for the three captives, they only had roles, not personalities:

  1. scientist: to explain stuff to the reader
  2. blue collar worker: to ask and emote the obvious
  3. servant: to agree w/ scientist no matter so that blue-collar dude doesn’t do anything rash

The main question, why did Nemo forsake the land? Had a lame answer. And never even asked why his crew followed him.

A few good points: Nemo fighting a shark was good. The descriptions of the South Pole ice fields were good.


14 June, 2011

These days, MrGrunty likes baseball. He wants to go watch it at the Hamlin-park. And any chance he gets in the back yard he wants to practice hitting the tennis ball with a stick.

MsSqueaky, loves the monkey bars, and she always wants to go BirthdayPark to hang from the monkey bars until she drops, and then repeat.

I think I did the right thing yesterday, I picked up the childrens from school, and asked if they wanted to go to the park. Of course. Then when we were getting into the car, MrGrunty took off to go explore a tree, and refused to come to the car. I asked nice, and said please. I scolded. I counted down from three, quickly, and then told him, “you don’t get to go to the park tonight because you didn’t do what I said.”  He screamed and cried on the way home. At home, once MyBetterHalf got home, I took MrCuddles & MsSqueaky to the park, and left MrGrunty at home. (I gave MyBetterHalf the choice of what she wanted to do.) MrGrunty screamed as we closed the door, was crying at the window as we drove away.  Today, when I picked the childrens up, the first thing MrGrunty said was, “Papa, I’ll do what you say. I wanna go the park.”

Dallas -vs- Miami game 5

9 June, 2011

OK, I knew the final score before I started watching. But I was still kinda surprised.

When I got home, it was third quarter, and my family was watching the game. MrGrunty likes Dirk, and kept asking, “where’s Dirk?” or yelling “Yay, Dirk!”  It’s because Dirk is #41, just like the bus we take downtown.

First quarter – Dallas looked good. But then, at the end, once again Chalmers from mid-court hits one at the buzzer. (Wade got injured, maybe that had the necessary impact on the game,…just slowed Wade down enough.)

2nd Quarter I got what I was expecting, at six minutes left

  • Miami up by four
  • Dallas turnover
  • Miami miss, but gets the rebound
  • Dallas fouls

But somehow, Dallas got the momentum, kept it, and went on to a decisive win. So much for my prediction of Miami winning in six games. But then again, I never would have predicted Dallas sweeping LA.

I am amused that folks in the media are all “what happened to LeBron?” after game 4. Judging his worth by one game. That game was an outlier, Lebron is one of the best in the world right now, and if we had a magic time machine, I think we could see LeBron and Jordon would be a lot closer in a game of one on one than people give credit. Jordon and his colleagues raised the standards of excellence. And, the talent pool available to the NBA is greater now, because the world as a whole has gotten a lot better. I wonder if they will question his worth after tonight’s tripple-double.

Miami -vs- Dallas game 3

5 June, 2011

Amazing things from first quarter, notice, all by Miami.

  • Wade, drives in the paint, dribbles behind his back, cuts between two seven footers, and gets the basket
  • LeBron, jumps up, as he’s elevating, he has to duck his head from get swiped by Kidd and Marion, and then finishes with a monster dunk
  • Chalmers, hits the 3 point from half court at the buzzer

Dallas clawed their way back to tie the game with 7 minutes left. Kidd displayed some great rebounding. Dirk had some nice shots, but I wasn’t surprised that the Heat won. LeBron & Wade are making crisp passes out of a double-team, and the recipient is smart enough to pass to a wide open shooter. Still, Dallas mistakes lead to dunks by LeBron and Wade.

Once Miami learns how to put the strangle on, and keep a double digit lead, they will be unbeatable.

Dallas -vs- Miami game 2

2 June, 2011

Dallas got lucky tonight. Yes, they had a big lead, but lost it. And somehow, Miami lost focus for the last two minutes and Dallas got the win.

All I remember was Dallas would make a mistake, and either Wade or LeBron would then get a slam dunk and get the fans all riled up.

I predict Miami will win in six games.

(I have to say, I am very happy not to be seeing actors at a Laker’s game this June.)