Dallas -vs- Miami game 5

OK, I knew the final score before I started watching. But I was still kinda surprised.

When I got home, it was third quarter, and my family was watching the game. MrGrunty likes Dirk, and kept asking, “where’s Dirk?” or yelling “Yay, Dirk!”  It’s because Dirk is #41, just like the bus we take downtown.

First quarter – Dallas looked good. But then, at the end, once again Chalmers from mid-court hits one at the buzzer. (Wade got injured, maybe that had the necessary impact on the game,…just slowed Wade down enough.)

2nd Quarter I got what I was expecting, at six minutes left

  • Miami up by four
  • Dallas turnover
  • Miami miss, but gets the rebound
  • Dallas fouls

But somehow, Dallas got the momentum, kept it, and went on to a decisive win. So much for my prediction of Miami winning in six games. But then again, I never would have predicted Dallas sweeping LA.

I am amused that folks in the media are all “what happened to LeBron?” after game 4. Judging his worth by one game. That game was an outlier, Lebron is one of the best in the world right now, and if we had a magic time machine, I think we could see LeBron and Jordon would be a lot closer in a game of one on one than people give credit. Jordon and his colleagues raised the standards of excellence. And, the talent pool available to the NBA is greater now, because the world as a whole has gotten a lot better. I wonder if they will question his worth after tonight’s tripple-double.


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