These days, MrGrunty likes baseball. He wants to go watch it at the Hamlin-park. And any chance he gets in the back yard he wants to practice hitting the tennis ball with a stick.

MsSqueaky, loves the monkey bars, and she always wants to go BirthdayPark to hang from the monkey bars until she drops, and then repeat.

I think I did the right thing yesterday, I picked up the childrens from school, and asked if they wanted to go to the park. Of course. Then when we were getting into the car, MrGrunty took off to go explore a tree, and refused to come to the car. I asked nice, and said please. I scolded. I counted down from three, quickly, and then told him, “you don’t get to go to the park tonight because you didn’t do what I said.”  He screamed and cried on the way home. At home, once MyBetterHalf got home, I took MrCuddles & MsSqueaky to the park, and left MrGrunty at home. (I gave MyBetterHalf the choice of what she wanted to do.) MrGrunty screamed as we closed the door, was crying at the window as we drove away.  Today, when I picked the childrens up, the first thing MrGrunty said was, “Papa, I’ll do what you say. I wanna go the park.”


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