20,000 leagues under the sea

The sci-fi classic, by Jules Verne, 20,000 leagues under the sea.  It was one of the recent choices for me & MyBetterHalf’s classics-bookclub.
Now, I know why I prefer fantasy fiction to science fiction, because in the science fiction, I want it annotated, so I know what parts are true, what parts are probable or conjecture, and what parts are just made up. That was one thing bothering me about the 20k book.

I should have known, when they shot an albatross (chapter 16) that it would end badly. I just didn’t know I would be the one it ended badly for. I found the book, for the most part, boring. There would be lists of species of things he saw.  So what. There would be detailed longitude & latitude of journy. Who cares. I didn’t much care for the three captives, they only had roles, not personalities:

  1. scientist: to explain stuff to the reader
  2. blue collar worker: to ask and emote the obvious
  3. servant: to agree w/ scientist no matter so that blue-collar dude doesn’t do anything rash

The main question, why did Nemo forsake the land? Had a lame answer. And never even asked why his crew followed him.

A few good points: Nemo fighting a shark was good. The descriptions of the South Pole ice fields were good.


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