…and papa time

Tuesday, when I arrived home, MsSqueaky was crying, because she was not allowed to have a treat because she had not eaten her dinner. MyBetterHalf and I are a bit flexible, but the childrens must eat their fruit, at least half of their veggies, and some protein before getting a treat. I picked MsS up, carried her away and we had a little chat. Whispering, I asked her, “do you remember what we were going to do tonight.”
She stopped crying, and smiled, “papa and Squeaky time.”
“Yes, we will. But first my sweetie, can you please go finish your dinner and then we will have papa and Squeaky time,” and I gave her a kiss.
She smiled again, and went to finish her dinner. When we left, MrGrunty cried because he wanted to go to.
MsS and I went to HamlinPark, and I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk in the woods or playground. Happy for me, she picked walk in woods, and I asked her which direction we would go. When we got to the top of the steep hill, we looked around at trees, and looked for worms, “I’m a good finder of worms,” she reminded me. After our walk, she wanted to play on the playground, practicing her climbing skills. And then, she turned into a bear and chased me around the playground. Then we went to the baseball diamond, and she ran the bases four times.

Wednesday, MrGrunty was very excited for Papa & Grunty time, and barely waited for me to get out of my work clothes. Since, I told MsS that morning of the plan, she was OK, and as she promised, she didn’t cry when we left. MrCuddles cried when we left.
MrG wanted to go to Hamlin to watch baseball, but I told him I had a better idea. When we got to the store, he asked, “Papa, what do we need.”
“MrGrunty, we’re gonna buy a baseball bat.”
MrG had a huge grin. I asked if he could share the bat with the other kids, and he suggested that each kid get a bat. So we got three bats. Then we went to try them out. He originally wanted a big kid bat, which is thicker than the plastic PVC pipe he’s been using, but still, I wanted it to be easy for him to hit. With the PVC, he usually hits less than 10%.  He quickly found out that a big bat helps your batting average, and connected on more than half. He cried when we left the park at dusk. At 6:30 this morning, he wanted to play baseball. We did go out for a bit, MsS tried out her new bat, and she was having fun too. (Previously, she didn’t seem that interested, because it was so difficult to hit, but with these big bats, I think she’ll want to play a lot more.)

Thursday night, Papa & MrCuddles time. I wasn’t really sure what he wanted to do, I didn’t take his ball & bat. But as we were driving, he pointed, “I wanna go see that park” and we went to a nearby elementary school. When we were walking there, I asked if he wanted to go running, he laughed,  and said, “yeah, running!” he started running and called back to me, “ready, set, go!” There was a slide, that he really liked going down with me, but it is too small for me, so I tried to encourage him to do other things. He would point, “I wanna go there” and we went to the other side of the playground, sometimes walking hand in hand, sometimes running. When it was close to time to leave, I asked if he wanted to go get ice-cream. Yes, he did, but when we got back to the car, he protested that he didn’t want to get in. So we went back to play. I showed him the bark, moss and lichen on a tree. He even got it correct a couple of times when I asked him what it was, (though usually, his favorite answer is “firetruck”). We drew circles, shapes, letters and lines in the dirt. And then, I got him back in the car, and we went to go get some icecream.


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