Spokane Easter

A few stories from our Easter to Eastern Washington…yeah, I know, a while ago…

First, we got a hotel. The sleeping arrangements initially were MsSqueaky & MrGrunty would share a bed, and MrCuddles would share a bed with the parents. Let me just tell you, MrCuddles would often situp in his sleep, fuss around, and then plop back down in a different direction, sometimes landing headfirst on a parent. And then it seemed he was always trying to squirm away, either burrowing into the ribs of one parent, or trying to tunnel under the covers in hopes of escaping down at the foot of the bed. Not restful.
Naturally, the other kids wanted in mommy & papa’s bed, so it was a challenge to put them back in their bed, which was a whole two feet away. Final night, girls in one bed, boys in the other, in hopes that MsSqueaky would be less likely to wake MyBetterHalf, because MyBetterHalf was feeling sick, and would be driving us home the next day. MrGrunty did not like sharing a bed with MrCuddles, at least twice in the middle of the night he shouted out “quit touching me!”
But their favorite part of the hotel, in the morning, we went to the hotel breakfast nook, and there were powdered donuts. They called them “snow-donuts” and each wanted several each morning, (I only allowed one each). One of MrCuddles favorite phrases is “what’s that noise?”. And he said it, every morning, every time the alarm on the waffle maker went off.
At the hotel, MrCuddles liked the little hotel bar soap. The first time he got one, he thought it was candy, and MyBetterHalf had to pick bits of soap out of his mouth. The next day, now realizing it was to clean with, he would pick a piece of it, and rub the piece into his cheek, or just rub the bar of soap on his feet. (Related note, one of his hobbies is to slowly shred a tissue, rolling pieces into a little ball and then rub the little balls into his cheek.)

We played and visited with their cousins. They like their grandparents. They love their uncles. We went to parks. They are nervous around other relatives that they don’t really know.

MsSqueaky showed me she can do a no-hand-somersault .
MrCuddles can count to eight.
CousinMo was good at catching ladybugs and showing the childrens.
MrCuddles had toy camera, and would go around to people saying, “chssss”.
One cute phrase, if I say about a treat, “I gonna eat it all,” MsSqueaky & MrGrunty shout out, “No, don’t eat it all, you get a stummy-ache!”

In an effort to get MrCuddles to take a nap, I put him in the car, and we took a little drive to Idaho. Going up through the hills, I saw some beautiful property for sale, thinking of ways I could have a nice little farm just a few minutes east of Spokane. When we got back, MrGrunty wanted to know where we went. I said “Idaho”. And then MrG threw a fit, yelling, “I wanna go to Idaho!!”

Easter, at grandparents, the childrens had fun with their Easter Egg hunt. MsSqueaky, took charge of the situation, and was giving out instructions to MrGrunty, “OK guys, find the eggs. Here it is, I found it.”  MrCuddles has expanded his vocabulary, usually if a bag or a box is closed and he needs help, he will say, “open the door!” but when he couldn’t get into his Easter Egg, he said, “open this p’eas”.

On the way home the childrens were the best they’ve ever been. No cryng at Moses Lake! (I dunno why, but usually the cry there.) Since weather was icky, and we wanted to get home with snow in the pass, we didn’t stop for rest breaks, and the time for lunch we just got the food to go and ate in the car.


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