4 years old

well…just in case anyone was curious, we have proof that I am a bad parent, since I’ve written more about the NBA recently than my own babies turning four.

So…we had a party for MrGrunty & MsSqueaky at the Birthday park. Usually, the weather turns out nice. This year, it was drizzle and clouds and cool wind all day. I was stationed next to the grill so I kept warm. We invited some of our friends, and their friends from church and school. Since the weather was icky, no one else was in the park. So the kids were free to run to the other side, because it was easy to keep track of them. And the children were all pleased about the ample puddle stomping opportunities.

MsS had a Dora pinata… (she calls “pe-ah-tuh”)… I don’t really understand “I like Dora, now I’m gonna go beat her effigy”, but that’s what she wanted. MrG had a Thomas pinata. After all the kids got a few swings, we pulled the strings to let candy fall into the wet ground.



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