fourth of July weekend

Don’t worry, MyBetterHalf had solo mommy time with each of our childrens this weekend. And, most of the time, the two that were left with me were cool.

Saturday, the childrens got haircuts, and then we got donuts after that! Then we took the 41 bus “to down the town” and wandered around for a bit.

Sunday, I taught Bible class. There didn’t seem to be a pre-school teacher, so I invited the four year olds (MrG, MsS and their friend KD) to join the two kids in my class. We talked about Psalm 23. We made a treat. Everyone was well behaved. One of my students said, “I shall not want…that doesn’t make any sense.” So we got a different version, “The Lord is my sheppard, He gives me everything I need…”  Everyone participated. And I have to say, four-year-olds are way easier than 4th graders!

After church, we went to Tacoma to visit my parents. They took us to a farmers market, and each of the childrens got to pick out a bag of fresh fruit. and the childrens got balloon animals. Then we went out to eat.  (MsSqueaky & MrCuddles seem to like pickled beets. But they don’t like fresh apricots.)  Then they went and got their belated b-day presents. Perfect! It was jugs of bubble mix. So for an hour, we made bubbles. And dude, my mom has a way better garden than me. Jealous.

Monday, there was a birthday party for one of their friends from school. At a local park. A big park, lots of trees, baseball fields, soccer field. Two playgrounds. And no one else was at the party. We had the park to ourselves, the weather was sunny and seventy. Perfect. My childrens were too busy playing to eat, so I got some strawberries to feed them through the fence (they were on the soccer field). And the other kids liked that, and lined up, so I had to run to get more strawberries!

Monday night, we watched the NYC fireworks display. MsS did not want to see the opening musical acts, or talking, or commercials. She wanted fireworks. And when they finally showed them, MsS was sorta bored by it.


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