Swim classes started up again this morning. MsSqueaky was happy to jump into the pool. MrCuddles had fun swimming with his mommy. MrGrunty, for some unknown reason, did not like his new teacher, and refused to get in the pool.

On the way home, I was asking MrCuddles questions, and he had the cutest “nope” pronounciation I’ve ever heard. I asked him if his name was MrCuddles, “nope”. I asked what his name was, he laughed, “Pippen.”

After lunch, it was Papa & MsSqueaky Time. We went for a walk through the woods, then played at HamlinPark. She did lots of climbing/balancing on the toys. Then we collected sticks to build a house. On way back, she wanted to go on a different trail than me, showing her independence. (My trail was only five feet away.)

We took the rest of the family back to Hamlin, to show off our house of sticks. There, MrGrunty and I practiced hitting baseball, and he got hit in the face. (Wiffle-ball.)

And now, it’s time to sleep in the tent in the backyard.


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