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26 August, 2011

way back on Sunday, the family went for a walk at my favorite local park, HamlinPark. Walking along the trails, pointing out ferns and moss (I really need to learn some more flora). MyBetterHalf was a bit dismayed when the boys each picked up sticks are started hitting at each other. Then, we saw a track, at a local middle school. MrGrunty really wanted to go racing on it.

Eventually we got there. MrG and MsSqueaky were at the starting line, each in their own lanes, and they were off. MsSqueaky was off to a good start, going faster than MrG, and had the advantage of being in lane six as opposed to lane eight. When she hit the final straight away, she was ahead by 50 meters, I told her to keep going, and circled back to help encourage MrGrunty. He was chugging along, but out of breath. I was jogging next to him, and saw MsS laying on the track, kicking her legs, screaming, “I DIDN’T WIN!!!”  I tried to encourage her to get up, but she wanted to yell, so MrG finished first.

Then, MrG wanted to run again, “You can win this time Squeaky”. After a few minutes, they did go for another race of the track, and MsS did win this time.

After we played soccer, and/or baseball. MsS likes lots of variety in her sports. MrG wants to focus, and was yelling at me when I was kicking the soccer ball exactly the way he wanted.

All this time, MrCuddles and his mommy were walking around, tackling and tickling each other on the astroturf.

Today, I went for a slow jog with SnarkyKat at GreenLake. I say the pace was about 17 minute miles, because when we stopped, it was because I needed to stop. She says the pace was 9:47 min/mile for 2.3 miles.  After, I bought new shoes.


last weekend

16 August, 2011


I get home from work, and what do I see, all three childrens cleaning up, and the living room was actually looking pretty good. I was told by MrGrunty, “When we gonna clean up we get two treats.”  MsSqueaky pointed to the shoe rack, “See, this is a nice area.”  MrCuddles was picking up toys, nodding his head, grooving to his singing, “C’eanup, c’eanup, ev’ry body ev’ry where!”  A few minutes later the boys were singing as a duet, making each other laugh.


It was Mommy & MrCuddles time, they went to the store. I walked MsS and MrG down to TwinPondsPark, and after pushing them on the swings for a minute, they went over to the BigToy and I just watched them play. Amazed at how brave they are getting, their ability to climb, how they are watching out for each other and entertaining and playing with each other.


Swim class. We had been talking to MrG all week about him needing to get in the pool with his new teacher, he has said he doesn’t like her. I don’t know why. I do know he really liked the previous teacher, who was male. And, we pulled out the big guns, we would give him EIGHT M&Ms if he got into the pool. Well, he did, and seemed to be having lots of fun. Saturday was my first time in class with MrCuddles. He loves the water, and was just constant smiles and laughs.

That afternoon, MyBetterHalf went to Ah-keey’s baby shower. So, I went North, to a blueberry farm, and Pablo and Andre joined us. MrCuddles was filling his bucket, then would dump them out, then pick them up to eat. MrG was filling his bucket. MsSqueaky was the first one to get bored. Andre would give green ones to his papa, and give blue ones to me! Soon, we went to play at play area. Andre climbed to top of ladder, and MrCuddles standing at the bottom clapped his hands and shouted out, “Good job Andre, good job!”   Later, when we went to see the goats, whilst running, MrC looked over to Andre and yelled, “Andre, come see goats!”  MrG & MsS liked the goats, and enjoyed feeding them grass, berries, leaves, and some actual goat food.

That night, MsSqueaky & Mommy time was them going to a movie. Me & the boys stayed home and played on the deck.

Later that night, I stayed up WAY to late chatting on TheFacebook with a delightful Moonbeam.


I was teaching Bible class. The lesson theme this month is Jonah. (Each week, same lesson, but a different approach…music, art, cooking,…) I picked drama. Don’t tell my boss-at-church, but I hardly ever follow the script for the lesson plan. So, when the students walked in, I said, “we will be doing a dramatic presentation for Jonah, for the pre-school class today. So, we have 20 minutes to prepare everybody, let’s get to it. And they actually pulled it off. There was a High School girl, that was helping me with class, she was a blessing, she could help one kid, or go do errands, and helped with scene changes during the production. The three ~first grade girls played the sailors, and the Ninevites. The two fourth grade girls were either Jonah, or the Narrator. (We performed for the pre-school class, then for the parents.)  We went over the story, and the students basically ad-libbed their lines. They did good.

After Church, we went to picnic at Magnuson with Pablo & Blub & Andre. It was great. There were a couple of boys on a teeter-toter-type-thing, and MsSqueaky went up to them. “Can I play too?…. My name is Squeaky.”  So social, makes me smile. (Me & MrG watched from the sidelines.) They later went to soccer field, and ran from goal to goal. When I asked them about it, MrG said, “…I’m so dizzy.”

That afternoon, Mommy & MrGrunty time, they went to watch the Aquasox baseball game. I had MrCuddles and MsSqueaky water the lawn. I filled a big bucket, and gave them a couple of cups. They were entertained. And soaked.

When MrG got back, MsSqueaky, who was really tired from weekend of fun, was crying, demanding to go “run-the-bases”. And then I made the mistake of cutting up her hotdog, (we only had two hotdogs for three kids.)  She was melting down, and I took her back to lay down and snuggle with her. She, with tears in her eyes, “I want Papa & Ella time, to go get a hotdog.”  So, we went shopping.


After breakfast, MrGrunty and MsSqueaky were playing catch in the living room with the football. They wanted me and MrCuddles to watch.

MrCuddles and Oliver

8 August, 2011

I find it cute, MsSqueaky used to pronounce it, “Ov-uh-lur” while MrCuddles pronounces it “Ahv-luhr”.   This is why I should take linguistics, so I can correctly phonetically transcribe toddler words.

Yesterday, MrCuddles found a string, he took it over to Oliver kick, held on to one end, flicked the string at Oliver and commanded, “Ahv-ler, come here. Come here, Ahv-ler.” I quietly instructed MrC to slowly walk away, and the kitty would follow. And he did, and Oliver stalked the string. And then, eventually, Oliver pounced, and landed on the string, trapping it under his paw. MrCuddles was crying, “Ahv-ler be nice!”  I tried to explain that was the point of the game, from the kitty’s perspective.

magic show

7 August, 2011

I believe is was last Friday night, MsSqueaky standing next to MrGrunty, announced to the parents, “OK guys, it’s time to start the magic show.”

MrG said, “We make ourselves buh-peer” (disappear), and then a moment later, MrG was distracted by himself crashing a car into a train.

Holding up a plastic chopstick, MsS said, “Here’s our why-nd”  (wand), “…if you march in place, then your marching. OK, let’s go into our bedroom so they don’t see us.”

And MrG was already playing something else, and walked away.

MsSqueaky started to cry, “I want Grunty to be in a magic show.  Please play with me!”

After we coaxed MrG back to play magic show, MsS announced, “Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re gonna start the magic show. We’re gonna make…”   But then, MrCuddles who had been ignoring them, went over and swiped the chopstick.  MyBetterHalf and I just watched from the sofa, smiling, so happy that they are playing moderately peacefully with each other.

bedtime stories

6 August, 2011

Favorite stories that I tell the childrens-

  • Once upon a time, there was a boy named GBAtT, who would later group up to be your papa. He lived in Seattle. He liked a girl named MyBetterHalf, and she would later grow up to be your mommy, but she lived in Tacoma.  GBatT would ride the bus to Tacoma to visit her. But one day, he got on the wrong bus. What was he to do? This bus was going to Gig Harbor, and he wanted to go to Tacoma. So GBaTT went up to the bus driver, and he said, “Excuse me Mr Busdriver. I got on the wrong bus. Can you please stop the bus and let me off the bus.” And the bus driver did, and the boy ran back to the other bus so that he could go to Tacoma. The End.  (MrGrunty loves this one.)


  • Once upon a time, there was a big boy named MrCuddles. And he was a fire fighter, and had a big blue fire truck named “Footie”. And one day, he got the alarm that there was a kid that needed help. And so, MrCuddles drove his blue fire truck to the scene, and when he got there, he climbed up the ladder to the top of the house where the kid needed help. MrCuddles said, “don’t you worry kid, I’ll make sure you get to the hospital.” And MrCuddles  climbed down the ladder and then called a helicopter. “This is Firefighter – Mr Cuddles, we need a helicopter  quick, there’s a hurt kid.”  And guess who was flying a helicopter that day, it was MrGrunty. He got on the radio and said, “Hey MrC, it’s MrG, I’ll be right there.” and when he got there, very quick because helicopters can fly quick he carefully helped the kid into the helicopter and flew to the hospital. As MrG was leaving MrC said, “Fly safe”, and MrG said, “I always do, safety is important.” On the way to the hospital, he radioed ahead, “This is Helicopter Grunty to hospital, come in hospital.”  And guess who was at the hospital, it was the MsSqueaky, she was  a good kid-doctor. She said, “Hey Grunty, it’s Squeaky, how are you doing.”   And MrG said, “Hey Squeaky, I’m OK, but I have a kid with me who is hurt and he is gonna need your help.” And MsS said, “I’ll get ready, you fly safe.”  And MrG said, “I always fly safe.”  When they got to the hospital, MrGrunty said, “Don’t you worry kid, my sister is a good doctor and will help you feel better. Did you like the helicopter ride.” And the kid smiled a little smile. And then MsSqueaky was there, and she said in a soft quiet voice, “It’s OK little guy, your gonna be alright, I’m gonna give you bandages and medicine so your owie will feel better.” And the three big kids, MrCuddles, MrGrunty, and MsSqueaky, working together as a team helped out a little kid. The End.  (MsSqueaky loves this one)
  • Once upon a time, there was a train named Pippen. And he was a little train. And there was a big mountain, and Pippen wanted to climb the mountain, to see what he could see. But two big trains, Frodo and Sam, made fun of him and said he was too little. Then one morning, early before the other trains were awake, Pippen started off for the mountain. And it started to get steep, and you know what Pippen said? He said “I think I can…Chug-a-chugga choo-choo, I think I can” and he blew his whistle like this, “woo-woo!!” and he kept going. And it got steeper and steeper, and he kept saying, “”I think I can…Chug-a-chugga choo-choo, I think I can” and blowing his whistler. And before you know it, he was at the top of the mountain. And you know what he saw. The other side of the mountain, and a little town called, the Shire. The End.   (MrCuddles always requests this one.)

short story 6th grade

4 August, 2011

Way back in 6th grade, I had heard of plenty of guns, but I never had heard of Chekov’s rifle. Which might explain a story I wrote, which bothered my classmates. The assignment was to write a story, we were kidnapped by Martians, we only had three things with us, how did we escape. I forget the story, and the two items my character had to help him escape, but I do remember that the character had a rubber ball, but it was only mentioned in the beginning of the story, and never again, prompting my classmates to ask what happened to it.

The end.

The Virgin Blue

3 August, 2011

The Virgin Blue – Tracy Chevalier

Let me start by saying, I loved her novel, “the Lady & the Unicorn“. Loved it.

As for The Virgin Blue. Not so much my cup of tea. I felt I needed to know French to understand it, with all of her dropping of French phrases. Subject matter, two women, one is abused by her husband, the other is falling out of love with her husband, not what I like to read. I didn’t really care for any of the characters. Half-way through, I felt the high-point was the Catholics-vs-the Huguenots religious persecution. And there were miscarriages. And then, in the last part, every thing went much, much worse. Depressing.

This sums it up, “He kissed me goodbye, oblivious to my inner turmoil, and I wondered if I was as blind to his internal life as he seemed to” be to mine.”   Or, “Etienne’s arms were now loose with rage, and Petite Jean she no longer trusted, with his knife and the smile in his eyes.”



cute phrases

2 August, 2011

I’ve already mentioned how MrCuddles has the cutest pronunciation of “nope”.

Last week, for several days, we could only find one of MsSqueaky’s sandals. And so, every morning getting ready was accompanied by her crying, imploring that she “looked everywhere and now I’ll never find it”. Then, I had the brilliant idea to look in the toy box. Of course, buried in there was her sandal. A few minutes after I gave it to her, she walked up to me, and very politely said, “Thank you papa for finding my other sandal.”

The other day, around bedtime, not all the beds in their room were ready due to laundry. MrGrunty looked around, “Papa, my bed has a pillow and a blanket. Squeaky’s bed has a blanket.  And Cuddles bed has a pillow. That’s very interesting.”

Another phrasing… at home, they call me “papa”. When around people they know, outside our home, they call me “daddy”.