cute phrases

I’ve already mentioned how MrCuddles has the cutest pronunciation of “nope”.

Last week, for several days, we could only find one of MsSqueaky’s sandals. And so, every morning getting ready was accompanied by her crying, imploring that she “looked everywhere and now I’ll never find it”. Then, I had the brilliant idea to look in the toy box. Of course, buried in there was her sandal. A few minutes after I gave it to her, she walked up to me, and very politely said, “Thank you papa for finding my other sandal.”

The other day, around bedtime, not all the beds in their room were ready due to laundry. MrGrunty looked around, “Papa, my bed has a pillow and a blanket. Squeaky’s bed has a blanket.  And Cuddles bed has a pillow. That’s very interesting.”

Another phrasing… at home, they call me “papa”. When around people they know, outside our home, they call me “daddy”.


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