bedtime stories

Favorite stories that I tell the childrens-

  • Once upon a time, there was a boy named GBAtT, who would later group up to be your papa. He lived in Seattle. He liked a girl named MyBetterHalf, and she would later grow up to be your mommy, but she lived in Tacoma.  GBatT would ride the bus to Tacoma to visit her. But one day, he got on the wrong bus. What was he to do? This bus was going to Gig Harbor, and he wanted to go to Tacoma. So GBaTT went up to the bus driver, and he said, “Excuse me Mr Busdriver. I got on the wrong bus. Can you please stop the bus and let me off the bus.” And the bus driver did, and the boy ran back to the other bus so that he could go to Tacoma. The End.  (MrGrunty loves this one.)


  • Once upon a time, there was a big boy named MrCuddles. And he was a fire fighter, and had a big blue fire truck named “Footie”. And one day, he got the alarm that there was a kid that needed help. And so, MrCuddles drove his blue fire truck to the scene, and when he got there, he climbed up the ladder to the top of the house where the kid needed help. MrCuddles said, “don’t you worry kid, I’ll make sure you get to the hospital.” And MrCuddles  climbed down the ladder and then called a helicopter. “This is Firefighter – Mr Cuddles, we need a helicopter  quick, there’s a hurt kid.”  And guess who was flying a helicopter that day, it was MrGrunty. He got on the radio and said, “Hey MrC, it’s MrG, I’ll be right there.” and when he got there, very quick because helicopters can fly quick he carefully helped the kid into the helicopter and flew to the hospital. As MrG was leaving MrC said, “Fly safe”, and MrG said, “I always do, safety is important.” On the way to the hospital, he radioed ahead, “This is Helicopter Grunty to hospital, come in hospital.”  And guess who was at the hospital, it was the MsSqueaky, she was  a good kid-doctor. She said, “Hey Grunty, it’s Squeaky, how are you doing.”   And MrG said, “Hey Squeaky, I’m OK, but I have a kid with me who is hurt and he is gonna need your help.” And MsS said, “I’ll get ready, you fly safe.”  And MrG said, “I always fly safe.”  When they got to the hospital, MrGrunty said, “Don’t you worry kid, my sister is a good doctor and will help you feel better. Did you like the helicopter ride.” And the kid smiled a little smile. And then MsSqueaky was there, and she said in a soft quiet voice, “It’s OK little guy, your gonna be alright, I’m gonna give you bandages and medicine so your owie will feel better.” And the three big kids, MrCuddles, MrGrunty, and MsSqueaky, working together as a team helped out a little kid. The End.  (MsSqueaky loves this one)
  • Once upon a time, there was a train named Pippen. And he was a little train. And there was a big mountain, and Pippen wanted to climb the mountain, to see what he could see. But two big trains, Frodo and Sam, made fun of him and said he was too little. Then one morning, early before the other trains were awake, Pippen started off for the mountain. And it started to get steep, and you know what Pippen said? He said “I think I can…Chug-a-chugga choo-choo, I think I can” and he blew his whistle like this, “woo-woo!!” and he kept going. And it got steeper and steeper, and he kept saying, “”I think I can…Chug-a-chugga choo-choo, I think I can” and blowing his whistler. And before you know it, he was at the top of the mountain. And you know what he saw. The other side of the mountain, and a little town called, the Shire. The End.   (MrCuddles always requests this one.)

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