MrCuddles and Oliver

I find it cute, MsSqueaky used to pronounce it, “Ov-uh-lur” while MrCuddles pronounces it “Ahv-luhr”.   This is why I should take linguistics, so I can correctly phonetically transcribe toddler words.

Yesterday, MrCuddles found a string, he took it over to Oliver kick, held on to one end, flicked the string at Oliver and commanded, “Ahv-ler, come here. Come here, Ahv-ler.” I quietly instructed MrC to slowly walk away, and the kitty would follow. And he did, and Oliver stalked the string. And then, eventually, Oliver pounced, and landed on the string, trapping it under his paw. MrCuddles was crying, “Ahv-ler be nice!”  I tried to explain that was the point of the game, from the kitty’s perspective.


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