last weekend


I get home from work, and what do I see, all three childrens cleaning up, and the living room was actually looking pretty good. I was told by MrGrunty, “When we gonna clean up we get two treats.”  MsSqueaky pointed to the shoe rack, “See, this is a nice area.”  MrCuddles was picking up toys, nodding his head, grooving to his singing, “C’eanup, c’eanup, ev’ry body ev’ry where!”  A few minutes later the boys were singing as a duet, making each other laugh.


It was Mommy & MrCuddles time, they went to the store. I walked MsS and MrG down to TwinPondsPark, and after pushing them on the swings for a minute, they went over to the BigToy and I just watched them play. Amazed at how brave they are getting, their ability to climb, how they are watching out for each other and entertaining and playing with each other.


Swim class. We had been talking to MrG all week about him needing to get in the pool with his new teacher, he has said he doesn’t like her. I don’t know why. I do know he really liked the previous teacher, who was male. And, we pulled out the big guns, we would give him EIGHT M&Ms if he got into the pool. Well, he did, and seemed to be having lots of fun. Saturday was my first time in class with MrCuddles. He loves the water, and was just constant smiles and laughs.

That afternoon, MyBetterHalf went to Ah-keey’s baby shower. So, I went North, to a blueberry farm, and Pablo and Andre joined us. MrCuddles was filling his bucket, then would dump them out, then pick them up to eat. MrG was filling his bucket. MsSqueaky was the first one to get bored. Andre would give green ones to his papa, and give blue ones to me! Soon, we went to play at play area. Andre climbed to top of ladder, and MrCuddles standing at the bottom clapped his hands and shouted out, “Good job Andre, good job!”   Later, when we went to see the goats, whilst running, MrC looked over to Andre and yelled, “Andre, come see goats!”  MrG & MsS liked the goats, and enjoyed feeding them grass, berries, leaves, and some actual goat food.

That night, MsSqueaky & Mommy time was them going to a movie. Me & the boys stayed home and played on the deck.

Later that night, I stayed up WAY to late chatting on TheFacebook with a delightful Moonbeam.


I was teaching Bible class. The lesson theme this month is Jonah. (Each week, same lesson, but a different approach…music, art, cooking,…) I picked drama. Don’t tell my boss-at-church, but I hardly ever follow the script for the lesson plan. So, when the students walked in, I said, “we will be doing a dramatic presentation for Jonah, for the pre-school class today. So, we have 20 minutes to prepare everybody, let’s get to it. And they actually pulled it off. There was a High School girl, that was helping me with class, she was a blessing, she could help one kid, or go do errands, and helped with scene changes during the production. The three ~first grade girls played the sailors, and the Ninevites. The two fourth grade girls were either Jonah, or the Narrator. (We performed for the pre-school class, then for the parents.)  We went over the story, and the students basically ad-libbed their lines. They did good.

After Church, we went to picnic at Magnuson with Pablo & Blub & Andre. It was great. There were a couple of boys on a teeter-toter-type-thing, and MsSqueaky went up to them. “Can I play too?…. My name is Squeaky.”  So social, makes me smile. (Me & MrG watched from the sidelines.) They later went to soccer field, and ran from goal to goal. When I asked them about it, MrG said, “…I’m so dizzy.”

That afternoon, Mommy & MrGrunty time, they went to watch the Aquasox baseball game. I had MrCuddles and MsSqueaky water the lawn. I filled a big bucket, and gave them a couple of cups. They were entertained. And soaked.

When MrG got back, MsSqueaky, who was really tired from weekend of fun, was crying, demanding to go “run-the-bases”. And then I made the mistake of cutting up her hotdog, (we only had two hotdogs for three kids.)  She was melting down, and I took her back to lay down and snuggle with her. She, with tears in her eyes, “I want Papa & Ella time, to go get a hotdog.”  So, we went shopping.


After breakfast, MrGrunty and MsSqueaky were playing catch in the living room with the football. They wanted me and MrCuddles to watch.



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