way back on Sunday, the family went for a walk at my favorite local park, HamlinPark. Walking along the trails, pointing out ferns and moss (I really need to learn some more flora). MyBetterHalf was a bit dismayed when the boys each picked up sticks are started hitting at each other. Then, we saw a track, at a local middle school. MrGrunty really wanted to go racing on it.

Eventually we got there. MrG and MsSqueaky were at the starting line, each in their own lanes, and they were off. MsSqueaky was off to a good start, going faster than MrG, and had the advantage of being in lane six as opposed to lane eight. When she hit the final straight away, she was ahead by 50 meters, I told her to keep going, and circled back to help encourage MrGrunty. He was chugging along, but out of breath. I was jogging next to him, and saw MsS laying on the track, kicking her legs, screaming, “I DIDN’T WIN!!!”  I tried to encourage her to get up, but she wanted to yell, so MrG finished first.

Then, MrG wanted to run again, “You can win this time Squeaky”. After a few minutes, they did go for another race of the track, and MsS did win this time.

After we played soccer, and/or baseball. MsS likes lots of variety in her sports. MrG wants to focus, and was yelling at me when I was kicking the soccer ball exactly the way he wanted.

All this time, MrCuddles and his mommy were walking around, tackling and tickling each other on the astroturf.

Today, I went for a slow jog with SnarkyKat at GreenLake. I say the pace was about 17 minute miles, because when we stopped, it was because I needed to stop. She says the pace was 9:47 min/mile for 2.3 miles.  After, I bought new shoes.


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