House of Dark Shadows

House of Dark Shadows, by Robert Liparulo.

Not good, but quick.

My Jr High School English teacher always preached, “Show, don’t tell.” So, when reading Liparulo, and one of the characters says something like, “felt just like ___ did in ___(movie)” that reminds me I’m reading. And, makes me think Liparulor doesn’t know how to actually describe how the character feels. Also, movie references are dated, so you’re limiting your audience to the present. Or movie buffs.

I remember, in the 80s, some comedian did a bit, “white people are stupid… when the house says, ‘GET OUT’, white people want to investigate.”  I kept thinking of that during the read.

Pop quiz, when you are in a new house, and there’s an intruder, who goes through a secret passage, into a space/time portal to another dimension, and you follow, and end up injured, … do you:

a) go back to sleep to think about it in the morning

b) get the __ out of the house now

Me, and I suspect most other people, would pick “b”.



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