It’s been awhile since we’ve talked aboot bedtime at chez-GBAtT…

The goal, a bit after 8pm, brushing of teeth, changing into PJs, …then hopefully by 8:30, parents and childrens in the children’s bedroom. We read a book for each child, then we turn off the lights and one parent leaves. (Most of the time, Oliver-kitty is in the  room*, and leaves at this time.) Usually a night light is on, and the other parent will make up two stories for each child. MrGrunty is asking for stories about parts of a house, …door, door-knob, walls. MsSqueaky has asked for stories about beds. MrCuddles, he was in a “Ka-chow” phase, after he saw Pixar’s Cars, but now, unpredictable, the other day he wanted a story about ketchup and mustard. Then we turn off the nightlight, and we have two songs for each kid.

These days, usually, MrGrunty & MsSqueaky are asleep before we sing all six songs. But, MrCuddles, he is laying on the floor next to the parent, and talking away, or singing, and if the parent leaves, he will soon follow. That boy does not want to sleep, and doesn’t act tired. Often, I’ve fallen asleep on the hardwood floor next to him, to awake late at night, and then but the silly boy into his bed.

MyBetterHalf and I remember when MrG and MsS were in the not wanna go to bed phase, and with them, there was more stress and fighting… with MrC, basically we just don’t want to have the hour long fights that we had with the older two. Also, if the four year olds are sleeping, MrCuddles has woken them up with his screaming. (Once, I swear it was 10pm, MsS & MrG were fast asleep, I tried to sneak out, the opening door woke MrCuddles, who started crying then screaming, that woke the other two, who were crying that they had been sleeping.)

*tonight (Sunday, 9/25), Oliver-kitty was nuzzling and licking MrGrunty’s feet. MrG smiling, said, “I think Oliver loves me!”


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