Thanxies to my childrens

Thanxies from today for

  • Staying in your beds all night. Although MsSqueaky, if next time you can wait three minutes until actual 7AM, psychologically that will feel better. I know, I ask too much. The all night thing was great!
  •  at church, marching to the front for children’s Bible minute without a parent, and then going to class and staying there without a parent.
  • helping me dig potatoes today in our garden. I especially liked MrGrunty, excitedly exclaiming in a very high pitch, “Papa, I’m a good finder of potatoes and Squeaky is a good finder of worms!” MsS you are very cute when you have a worm in your hands and talk and make friends with it. And I liked MsS showing MrCuddles how to dig, “First you hold the shovel, and you have to push really hard to get it in the dirt…” And then, MrC helped me put away all the toys, bikes, chairs and toys.
  • Playing hide-and-seek with me tonight in our house.

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