Wild Mushroom Show

Yesterday, I talked Moonbeam into going to the Puget Sound Mycological Society annual Wild Mushroom Show. It was very fascinating, even from a logistics standpoint. They had about a hundred volunteers, sent them throughout the state, and they converged back with every color of the rainbow, plus every shade of brown, and the entire white to black spectrum, of mushrooms. Amazing things, those mushrooms, I want to learn more about them.

I do not know how the eating of mushrooms developed, because to me, too many of the poisonous ones look like something I might find in the supermarket.

I want to take the childrens someday, but right now, they are just too curious, like to touch, and like to put fingers in their mouths. And though I saw plenty of childrens there yesterday, I would not have enjoyed it whilst being continually paranoid about my childrens.

I did drag Moonbeam to a lecture about genomic analysis of fungi. I even learned what the Sanger method of genetic analysis is!


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