MrGrunty wanted to play catch with me, and after a bit, I stopped so I could play with MsSqueaky. He didn’t like that plan.  I asked, of course, if I could play dinosaur with her. We had three “brontosaurus”. I got to play the daddy. MrCuddles had two lizards. We went off to find food, and MrGrunty brought buckets, “here’s blueberry” he said with a grin. So, three dinosaurs and two lizards ate three big buckets of berries, and then had tummy aches and had to go to bed. But we didn’t have a cave. MrGrunty rushed to build us one. The lizards went to go sleep in the barn. We asked if they could play with us, but MrC said no. S9 I said, “Well, it’s one thing that us dinosaurs know how to do, is keep quiet… PLOD, PLOD, PLOD” and MsSqueaky plodded the mommy & baby dinosaur behind me, both of us banging them into the floor to accet the plod.

I sometimes worry that MsS isn’t interested in sports…but then, we’ll go to the park, and she will find something to climb, or she will spend the entire time there, trying to master the monkey bars, hanging as long as she can, letting go, starting over again.

When I play baseball with MrG, MrCuddles just likes to sit on the steps and watch.

Maybe they don’t want to make MrG grumpy, because he always throws a fit if he has to share a parent at baseball.


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