Kitty update

Well, Oliver-kitty has been scratching MsSqueaky. I suspect part of that is she keeps trying to pick him up, much the way her hero-of-the-now Olivia does. And, she likes to give him affection, getting up in his face, pushing him down when she pets him, chasing him when he, like a cat does, gets bored and walks away. He may be getting a bit grumpier in his old age, but she is the usual victim.

The other night, when she got scratched on the nose, I unfortunately suggested maybe Oliver could find a new home. A crying MsS agreed. I felt guilty that I said it. MyBetterHalf did not like the suggestion.

Sophie-kitty usually hides from the childrens, coming out to sit on an adult’s lap after the childrens are in bed. Although at feeding time, she will brave them to get to her food.


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