I find this offensive

I remember, a teacher in the 70s said to the class, “imagine if schools were funded like the military and the military had to have a bake sale if they wanted a new bomber.”

In Washington State, there are at least two fund raising things going on for our veterans.

A recent King County Veterans and Human Services Levy , which will continue a property tax that was started in 2005 because the needs of returning military service personal were not being met.

And, a Washington State Lottery to benefit home-town heros.

This tells me either a) the United States of America is not taking care of their veterans, or B) Washington citizens are being duped.

If Congress authorizes military action, Congress needs to take care of the people who left their homes, livelihoods, and  families to put their lives, well-being & health at risk for the United States of America. Providing for the military is not a state issue, it is a federal one.


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