lazy Saturday

qu0tes of the day

  • MsSqueaky, regarding MrCuddles, “I don’t want him next to me, he’s stinky!”
  • MrGrunty, while looking at anatomy book, “Papa, does Squeaky have a brain?”  (Was followed with “Papa, do I have a brain?”)
  • MrCuddles, “Mommy! Razzle-dazzle”


  • MrCuddles, was running back an forth, giving an hug and holding on tight to a parent, until they said, “I love you MrCuddles” then he would run to the next parent.
  • I saw Oliver-kitty, peaking around the corner, I hid on the sofa, got MsSqueaky next to me, and we hid under the blanket. I instructed her to be very still, and very quiet. I left a tiny opening, and Oliver jumped through. MsSqueaky was very happy, so was Oliver. She with a big grin, while he was purring from being petted, “I love him. We are going to keep him.”
  • We played the “Num-num and Tickle Game”. They would nervously, laughingly approach, and if they got close enough, I would grab them, tickle and num, until they giggled “stop”.
  • But, the game I like best, is when the three of them pretend to be kitties. They will crawl around, use a high-pitched voice when talking English words, but mostly just say, “Mow”. I asked what their names are, they all three are called “Mow”. This morning, MrCuddles & MsSqueaky got their kittyfood, (Cheerios) and ate it in bowls on the floor. MrG actually dipped his face down, eating like a kitty. Then they would use baby-wipes to clean the floor, I guess so it would be clean enough to eat off of.

quiet afternoon

  • MsSqueaky was playing with a zebra & skeleton on a fire truck, singing a song, “And we can be friends, we can be friends, we can be friends.We have to climb up the ladder, climb, climb, climb. All the way home, all the way home.”
  • MrGrunty was looking at a library book (Skippy Dies) MyBetterHalf  got for herself, slowly looking at each page.
  • MrCuddles was coloring and cleaning a “Mark-n-wipe” book about things that go.


We did do some work, too. MyBetterHalf took MrCuddles and MsSqueaky shopping. MrG and I stayed home to paint our toe nails, and look at the “bone book” while the nail polish dried. (Later, MsSqueaky and I painted our toe nails.)  Then, this afternoon, I went out to try and clean up some of the overgrowing weeds in the yard. And what is it with holly. I cut the tree down, but today I had to go back and hack away the tiny branches that popped up out of the stump.


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