The Shining

Five stars, meaning, I recommend everybody read The Shining by Mr Stephen King.

I was so, very, happy to have an well written book to read. I hate to admit, that many times I have thought the same things that the scary monster/father/husband thought. I guess that’s the truth of horror-fiction, there are monsters in all of us.

Parts I liked:

The writer-character thinking about the patron-artist relationship “We’ll always be friends, and the dog collar I have on you will always be ignored by mutual consent, and I’ll take good and benevolent care of you. All I ask in return is your soul. Small item….Remember my talent friend, there are Michelangelos begging everywhere in the streets of Rome...” Yup, as my portrait of me-artist-as-a-youngster, I thought similar things, and have seen others say art is about freedom, ignoring the fact that art is about communication.

The child-character thinking about adults: “But grownups were always in a turmoil, every possible action muddied over by thoughts of consequences, by self-doubt, by selfimage, by feelings of love and responsibility. Every possible choice seemed to have drawbacks, and sometimes he didn’t understand why the drawbacks were drawbacks.”  I love how King writes from child’s point of view, giving credit to what things kids can figure out, giving them credit for being smarter than we normally believe, and yet, admitting confusion and misunderstanding.

Nice visual: “He let one finger play over the words for a moment, the pad of his index finger denting against the cogs, running smoothly over the wheels.”

A well crafted story.

Thank you Mr King for writing it.


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