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Diamond – Matthew Hart

26 November, 2011

It was an alright read.

Quote: “Diamonds are sublimely useless. You cannot eat them or drive them home…. There have to be more reasons to buy diamonds, and there are: De Beers invented them.”


Balanced Budget Amendment

18 November, 2011

I am very happy that the House rejected the proposed balanced budget amendment to the US Constitution.
Yes, I believe Congress should be fiscally responsible.
No, I don’t believe that this amendment would be for the good of the of the nation.

Remember my motto, “Not all good ideas make good laws”.

Congress needs to have the flexibility to deficit spend, without the burden of having a super majority vote on it.

Volleyball UW vs Cal

13 November, 2011

The Huskies lost.

But, it was a very exciting match. I am really starting to like volleyball. Split second teamwork decisions, power and grace needed, all the teamers do all the jobs, little interference from the refs.

The children’s had lots of fun, especially dancing to the Husky band during time-outs. MrGrunty loved yelling when the crowd was urged to make noise, at that point MsSqueaky would cover her ears. MrCuddles kept walking to the end of the aisle, and flipping cushions off the seats.

MsS and MrG crashed quickly after getting home. MrC was wired and didn’t want to go to sleep.


12 November, 2011

I took the childrens to Tacoma to visit my mom and dad.
Naturally, we were running late, they were yelling they didn’t wanna go, so they ended wearing PJs to grandma’s.
When we got there, they played soccer with grandma in the living room. I played hide and seek with them. We went to yummy lunch at Taquería El Antojo. I couldn’t make up my mind, so I got three different tacos, beef, chicken and pork. They were all three good. The best cheros I’ve had. And watching soccer ain’t so bad when it’s in Spanish. Fresh made tortillas, made at the counter where yum.

After, we visited my dad’s shop. He fixes engines. He explained a bit to me and the childrens what the machines do, but they were getting bored. I wish I had learned more about machines when a kid. I hope my childrens will be willing to learn how things work, and how to fix them.

Going home, good traffic was slow, because all three needed a nap. But they slept through the lightning and the hail.

Then, we went to a friends to feed and visit with Giles-kitty.

Wednesday Nov 9

11 November, 2011

We had day of fun, since I watching the childrens this week

First, took laptop to the computer doctor, because I broke it.

We parked on top of a garage, and they really liked the view. MsS, “we can see our house!”
Then we went to construction site at UW and saw diggers and bulldozers in action. Then duck watching at Portage Bay. Then we played at the Stronghold aka the Giant Stump. Then a bit in the greenhouse, the childrens loved the frogs and green worms and lily-pad tank. We visited my friends at work. Then to watch the salmon swimming in circles.

They got tiny nap on drive home. Then to TwinPonds. We played in the leaves, building piles and jumping in, throwing them in the air, shuffling through. Naturally my silly childrens took off their coats and boots to play soccer. MrG told me, “when we get a goal, say ‘Point-Huskys’.”


10 November, 2011

We went over to play with Aki and James. My children’s mostly ignored hers. Aki and I did parenting shop talk.

She asked if we are doing anything different with MrCuddles than we did with the twins. Starting later on potty training, and no “pullups”. Also I said we have maybe relaxed a bit on bedtime, and there seems to be less fights.

Now, MrCuddles is still awake at 10:30pm. Where does he get the energy?

smokin pete’s

8 November, 2011

Yesterday after church, I left the family at home and went with Pablo to Smokin Pete’s BBQ in Ballard. Conversation was lots of fun. The BBQ pork ribs, nice rub, could be more tender. The beef briquet was pretty good. The greens needed more lard. The “HOT Thai BBQ” sauce was not hot, I didn’t think Thai when I ate a spoonful, but it did taste like candy so I liked it. The hush puppies were perfect, and worth a trip back.

The Shining – by Stanley Kubrick

6 November, 2011

Read the book by Mr Stephen King. You can skip Kubrick’s movie.

I’m wondering, why is Kubrick ranked a great? Is it because he did novel things visually? Is it because he takes full use of the big screen with vastness? Is it because everyone else in Hollywood was stoned on cocaine in the 70s?  Well, I just checked, and “Full Metal Jacket” I liked, and “Dr Strangelove” is a must-see.

Back to the story, King -vs- Kubrick

King does better at

  • pacing – it was PERFECT
  • story background
  • wondering if it’s just people going crazy, or if it is supernatural
  • internal dialogue
  • background characters
  • Jack Torrance’s motivation
  • Wendy Torrance’s motivations
  • Danny Torrance’s thoughts and personality
  • the use of Dick Hallorann
  • final confrontation
  • dénouement

Kubrick does better at

  • showing how huge the hotel is
  • setting it up for a sequel

A Twisted Thread

5 November, 2011

One of my best friends from high school wrote a book, and was gracious enough to let me read it. It was much better than some the books I’ve read this year.


3 November, 2011

Tonight, I made oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies. The childrens added sprinkles. We’re a team.

For the past week, maybe more, MsSqueaky and MrCuddles will end up in the parent’s bed. Or on the sofa. I don’t know what MsS can’t sleep through the night recently, but I think her moving about wakes up MrCuddles. Luckily, MrGrunty has been sleeping through it. And the other night, to top it off, MissSophie-kitty pounced on my belly in the middle of me sleep, shocked me, I pushed her away, that scared her, she had to escape, and to get better tracking to get away, used claws. Me moaning, “OWWWWW” woke MyBetterHalf, who, seems better at sleeping through the commotions of the childrens, or at least since I’m closer to the door, usually lets me deal with it.

Thusly. I am sleepy. Naturally, I am staying awake until midnight. Because I’m an idiot.