Tonight, I made oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies. The childrens added sprinkles. We’re a team.

For the past week, maybe more, MsSqueaky and MrCuddles will end up in the parent’s bed. Or on the sofa. I don’t know what MsS can’t sleep through the night recently, but I think her moving about wakes up MrCuddles. Luckily, MrGrunty has been sleeping through it. And the other night, to top it off, MissSophie-kitty pounced on my belly in the middle of me sleep, shocked me, I pushed her away, that scared her, she had to escape, and to get better tracking to get away, used claws. Me moaning, “OWWWWW” woke MyBetterHalf, who, seems better at sleeping through the commotions of the childrens, or at least since I’m closer to the door, usually lets me deal with it.

Thusly. I am sleepy. Naturally, I am staying awake until midnight. Because I’m an idiot.


2 Responses to “tonight”

  1. heathercim Says:

    Yeah – I’m most of the time not sleeping through all of this. I’m just too tired to get myself out of bed before you do. So I tend to be rather sleepy myself. Having straight hours of sleep would be great!

  2. :-jon Says:

    last night we had at least six hours uninterrupted after a quiet evening at-home-date of The Shining.

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